9 out of 10…

I sent a letter by recorded First Class delivery – DG 0130 9530 2GB on the 22nd August 2008. I was offered to send the letter by Special Delivery to guarentee next day arrival. However the next day was Saturday and if I wanted it delivered on Saturday, I had to pay yet again another surcharge. let’s talk prices.


Delivery Aim


Second Class

3 Days


First Class

1 Day


2nd Recorded

3 Days


1st Recorded

1 Day


Special Delivery

Next Working Day by 1pm


Special Delivery Saturday

Next Day being Saturday


I chose to go with the recorded First Class Delivery Service based on the following reasoning:-

  • It was not necessary to be there the next day but I did want it there by the following Friday.
  • As 2nd Class was 3 days, I chose to err on the side of caution, chosing the 1st Class service.
  • I did have important documentation, that I wanted to confirm it arrival hence recorded.
  • Although important, it was not vital that it was delivered next day, hence 1st Class Recorded.

So off the letter went. I kept my fingers crossed because I thought there might have been a chance that it would arrive the next day (Saturday) but alas… that was wishing too much! Ah well, I would have to wait until Monday. It was bound to arrive, after all 9 out of 10 arrive next day, and legally they need to try to deliver 93% of mail by the next day. But no…. my letter was amid the 1 out of 10. Never mind, Tuesday was still fine. Alas, still no letter. Wednesday – this boiled down to Second Class Service, never mind as long as it gets delivered. No such luck. When it still had not arrived by Thursday, I went to Royal Mail’s website to enquire. To my dismay it stated

“Recorded Signed For™ items are only tracked after the item has been delivered. Depending on whether the item was sent first or second class, this may be a few days after posting. Please try again later.

Information on your item is not yet available online.”

Perhaps I was being a bit impatient. Friday –  a week later still no sign of my letter. The documentation was needed by then. Getting replacement documentation started costing money. £24 for a replacement rail card, as the recipient was due to travel on the Friday. A copy of the documentation was not sufficient proof for national rail that the person really owned a rail card and that it was somewhere in Royal Mail’s hands. It also ended up meaning a missed train too. Technically the missed train was not Royal Mail’s fault but reality was that it was a result of it.

End of the month and still no letter. There was the car licence in the letter. Replacement costs £6.00 or no driving possible.

Also included in the letter was an annual family fun park pass, which meant that no fun was had, as it was not possible to visit without the said card!

2 weeks later, still no means of checking online as the same message kept returning, I called Royal Mail. I was treated rudely and told to wait until the 11th and then consider it lost!! LOST!! I was fuming. I was dismissed like my letter was not important and as though I was an irrate customer. Well I was irrate. I paid for a first class service. I paid extra for a recorded service and they lose MY letter!! And they don’t care!!

So now I figured out what they mean when they say 9 out of 10 letters get delivered next day. 1 out of 10 simply never get delivered. If they cannot look after a Recorded First Class letter, what chance do simple standard second class letters stand?

And the reality is that we do not really have a choice, as they really do have a monopoly over the whole system!

The worst of it, is that according to the government (especially the tax office), if they post something to you, it is deemed as served! Ha! 

And in case you are wondering, proof of post, is not proof of receipt to the government. Apparently what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander!!

First Class Post – NOT!

I got my sweet hubby to post a letter containing a couple of loyalty cards and my oyster card which I forgot behind. This was last Friday. Because they do not do Special Delivery on a Saturday I requested that he sent them using their “Signed For” Service, which delivers on a Saturday. (I did find out that they now do Saturday Delivery but it is at a ridiculous cost but hubby still sent it as I had requested). This is now a whole week later… and guess what… I still have not received them.

I was under the impression that 1st Class meant higher priority. I was under the impression that 9/10 of 1st Class letters got delivered Next Day. I guess they still mean that 1/10 get totally lost even if registered!!

We tried to see where it is online… and yet… we are told that we have not given it enough time. Have I missed something? A week later and still thinks not enough time. Their paper work states that they will deliver in 1 -3+ days. Does the plus sign mean they can deliver 3 months later and it will be deemed acceptable?

Seriously, the fact that we paid to ensure it does not go missing in the post should mean something. The fact that we paid for a first class service and received a less than acceptable standard of service is horrifying! The worst bit is that they can get away as they really have a monopoly!!