When someone thinks it is funny (why else would he have done it?) to urinate over a symbol of respect towards people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, you know that we have gone beyond a joke. Seriously, what was going through his head? It’s not like he is the thickest of people… he does attend university! But he is definitely the most disrespectful. I must say I do agree with the judge… a prison sentence would not be fruitful (and a waste of taxpayers money) and a community sentence might teach him some respect. Mind you, 250 hours is only 6 weeks work, and for a student is not very long. Perhaps a longer sentence … but hopefully he will learn some respect.


I find that the importance of family is no longer as strong as it used to be or in my opinion as strong as it should be. A family can offer such a strong support system, yet rather than encourage the family unit, the government actually discourages it.

If you are a single parent you have increased benefits from the government such as extra finances and more points to gain a council house. If you live with your extended family, you get nothing.

You watch TV and see programs where people sell their family heirlooms to go on a holiday or because they want the latest TV or for some other materialistic item! It makes me wonder how little people appreciate their family.

Personally, I believe that family is important. It offers me emotional security and a support system. I really could not manage without my family. It is bad when people do not have family but when people chose to shun their family… that is sad.

I have been passed down family heirlooms and they mean the world to me. And although I may never have personally known my great grand mother, having a keepsake of hers, like a silver locket or photograph, gives me that connection to her. As for my children, they have been named after family members. I feel it is a small sign of respect to the people who made me who I am and helped in my children’s upbringing. My father always said, “a child’s education begins 20 years before they are born”. It took me many years to understand it. But essentially it means that the child’s future will be a result of her previous ancestors!

Like them or not… family are part of you… and should be respected. You cannot hope to respect yourself if you cannot respect your family!