First Class Post – NOT!

I got my sweet hubby to post a letter containing a couple of loyalty cards and my oyster card which I forgot behind. This was last Friday. Because they do not do Special Delivery on a Saturday I requested that he sent them using their “Signed For” Service, which delivers on a Saturday. (I did find out that they now do Saturday Delivery but it is at a ridiculous cost but hubby still sent it as I had requested). This is now a whole week later… and guess what… I still have not received them.

I was under the impression that 1st Class meant higher priority. I was under the impression that 9/10 of 1st Class letters got delivered Next Day. I guess they still mean that 1/10 get totally lost even if registered!!

We tried to see where it is online… and yet… we are told that we have not given it enough time. Have I missed something? A week later and still thinks not enough time. Their paper work states that they will deliver in 1 -3+ days. Does the plus sign mean they can deliver 3 months later and it will be deemed acceptable?

Seriously, the fact that we paid to ensure it does not go missing in the post should mean something. The fact that we paid for a first class service and received a less than acceptable standard of service is horrifying! The worst bit is that they can get away as they really have a monopoly!!