If you ever wanted to cmmit suicide then New York is the place to do it because┬ájumping off a building is illegal. This is punishable by death. Just hope they punish you asap rather than after the recovery period of the fall. But at least you can rest assured, that if you fail, they probably won’t! Definate success?

The Law

In case you actually get frisky in an ambulance (strange I know…. but it must have happened as a law has been passed in Utah), bear in mind that it may be illegal like it is in Utah! Besides your charges, if you are a woman, you will also be named and shamed in the papers. The man gets away with the naming and shaming. How’s that for equality.

The Law

Liverpool has been recently known as the Capital of Culture. How is this for culture…

Well as you know in most places going topless is illegal. Except that to every rule there are exceptions! In Liverpool, you can go topless if you work in a tropical fish store or in a bank serving foreign currency!

Fun law for a change!!

The Law

You know lots of people have funny rules in their house relating to the bathrooms … like don’t forget to close the toilet seat when done, remember to flush when done, close the lid on the toothpaste.

However if you are in someone’s apartment in Switzerland and it is past 10pm, it is actually illegal to flush. Honestly, it is not your host!!