Man’s Best Friend

Apparently man’s best friend is valued at more than his own worth! What am I rambling on about? Well I was watching TV and there were 2 adverts running after each other. Both adverts were for charities and both asking for money.

One was for a dog’s rescue centre and the other was the NSPCC for the protection of children. Interestingly, the charity for the dogs rescue asked for twice the amount that the charity for the¬†protection of children was asking for. This begets the question, “Is the life of the dog worth more? Or is it that it really costs minute amounts to protect children (and as a society, we still don’t)?

Poverty in the US!

I saw this link and simply was shocked. Considering that America is known as the land of opportunity, a land of democracy and a land of freedom… you would not expect that there is need for a soup kitchen, let alone that 25% of people attending soup kitchens are children.

The advert shocked me. All I keep thinking is WHY? America is not a third world country. In fact it thinks of itself as the centre of the universe, and if they cannot cope, how can they expect other poor countries to manage?

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Hoaxes & Chain Mail

I abhor Hoax & Chain Email. They come to you and say please forward this email so you help so and so, or worse if you do not forward this email you will get bad luck and go on to give examples of people who died as a result of not forwarding the email.

The question is if the person died, how do they know it is because he / she did not forward the email. The email must be a pretty powerful thing if it can cause you to drop dead. And I must have more lives than a cat, because I never forward them on.

You would think people who were intelligent enough to operate machinery would be intelligent enough to know better and not forward any of this junk!

Besides the problems of actually flooding my email, causing my email to slow down and my receiving multiple copies of the same email because we have friends / colleagues / acquaintances in common, they just keep coming.

And years later they still keep returning. Argh!

Do everyone a favour and stop forwarding them. Nothing will happen to you promise. And if you still feel guilty, give a donation to a real cause. Here…. I am even going to list a few places where you can actually donate to real causes and official charities.

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