Being Plagiarised!

Can you believe it, someone stole one of my posts. Frankly it wasn’t even one of my better posts but a lamentation about weight loss!! Yet they had the cheek to actually post it as though it was one of their own. They did not even bother crediting where they stole the post from (though they did say grumbler wrote it – reducing legal issues I guess).

Frankly I don’t mind people quoting me or referring to what I said, but the least that could be done is give due credit where it belongs. A little link love would not go amiss either!

The way it is posted makes it seem like I am a subscriber writing my post on their blog.

The reality is, they stole it from my blog from this post :- Fat Loss For Idiots.

This leaves me as a very unhappy bunny and I am not sure I can actually do anything about it other than grumble…. GRRRRR!