I am still in this quandary as to what to do. I would love to visit Chicago, New York, Washington, Seattle, California, Florida and other US States. But I have too much difficulty with the idea of giving them my finger prints. It also screws with my going on a cruise as some of the best cruises touch base with the USA.

I? mean what are they going to want next? A blood or urine sample? A stool? A swipe from my mouth?


What is an? annuity?

Annuities come in so many forms that I cannot even begin to explain them. But from the little that I seem to understand it is about insuring that you get what you need. It can be a bit socialistic in terms that you only get what you need but on the other hand it can help those in need.

You can have annuities that give off a life time income though I suspect you miss out on the capital you built.

You can have an insurance policy that would cover your mortgage as time goes by but would only cover what is left of your mortgage despite that the more time passes, the less you will actually owe on your mortgage!

I think I am too Capitalist at heart to want an annuity (though I suspect I may somehow have one as it is a mortgage requirement of ours that decreases our mortgage costs!). Argh. What conundrum!


I thought I had seen it all with regards to holidaying. I even thought I had seen it all with regards to time share. But there seems to be something new on the market. A time share points based system. Buena Viva Exeter seems to offer just that. You buy points in advance and you change them for holidays.

I scoured their website and found it is not for me. Although if you go not in peak season it costs you half the points as high season, it is still not enough benefit for me. First of all, I do not want to be tied with one company indefinately. Secondly even though they offer different countries and places, it is still too trapped for my liking. It feels too much like time share.

I like my holidays to be free and relaxed. And sometimes I also want to go to places that are still authentic. I am aware that begins to rule out Europe as a whole since the EC but that still leaves a whole undiscovered world.

Lawyers and Such

A friend asked me about an Attorney Referral here in the Isle of Man. The only problem is that I do not really know many lawyers, attorneys, notaries or any one of the legal profession.

The one thing that I do know is that legal help never comes cheap and if it did, then perhaps there is a reason for it. I have mostly worked through lawyers by referrals as that means I can gage how happy or not I will be. What I do know is that when I worked with a lawyer who was refereed to me, he cut down the time to buy a house from 3-6 months to just 3 and a half weeks. Well worth paying extra for!

Real Estate

I once heard that someone thought that? property just did not make enough money. He made his money on the stock market. He so believed in his theory he did not even own his own property. I on the other hand believe in owning real? estate.? ? I feel getting boulder real estate? means you can make more money.

Let’s take this guy… he spends £800 a month on renting. Yet for the same amount or thereabouts he could be paying a mortgage. In the case of renting, it is dead money. But 25 years after the mortgage is paid off, it will be worth whatever the value is at that moment in time. So, in my eyes, property can really be worth it!


I keep worrying about my brother who keeps not being accepted into Dentistry despite having far more than the basic qualifications. I keep trying to think of other options such as the? piscataway programs.

The thing is that unless he is careful, not only will he not get his degree in medicine, he might generally end up not getting a degree at all! Needless to say I am not impressed with universities at present!


I saw a job advertising Nanny Jobs Sydney? based. It left me pondering about Nannies. I must say I have often considered a nanny for my children. I suppose that I never did get a Nanny because it means that I get to miss out a little on bringing up my children. However if I actually had to go out to work, then I sincerely believe that a nanny is the way to go.

The children feel secure and there is a relationship between the carer and the children. Admittedly, you will never find Mary Poppins but perhaps Miss Mary will do the job just as well. As long as the nanny is happy to follow the parents requirements then I think it may be a kinder alternative to child care!


I have been looking for a new phone. But honestly it is so hard. It has only been around 10 years since mobile phones became popular and readily available. And we have become so dependant on them. I personally only want a simple one that calls and receive calls. I do however want an extra. I want a camera too. Saves carrying 2 objects. Means I can take photos whenever something catches my eye, which incidentally is pretty often! But these 2 requirements are pretty basic. You can get an iphone, a blackberry or god knows what. But do you know what, you cannot just get a simple phone!

So…. my dilemma…. what do I get?


I am trying to keep an eye out for a good university for my younger brother. He wants to study dentistry but it is a pretty tough course to get into. Apparently the competition is really high. For example in Malta, they have a numerous clausus of 6. Can you just imagine the competition, especially bearing in mind there is only one university. So, I have been keeping my eyes open for different universities such as which may give him better odds to get accepted into his course of choice.

Meanwhile, I will just keep my fingers crossed that he gets into his course.


I come from a background where salad used to consist of a bunch of lettuce, a few slices of tomato and a few slices of cucumbers. If you have a really nice salad, you might also have a few slices of onions! That’s a Mediterranean diet! Ha! No wonder I hated salads. I have discovered there is so much you can do with Salad Recipes!

Some? salads are so nice. I think my favourite is Waldorf! I am not sure how well it would be if you are eating salads to diet!