Riots are not protests! DUH!

There are all these riots which are meant to be a protest of sorts… except with a protest usually you can pacify them by giving them what they want… but what do these rioters want other than destruction? Also protestors would not be “breaking and entering”, stealing, killing or burning homes and businesses down!

And the worst of it is that I am sure that most people in the riots have any idea of the impact to the economy, society or if the country ended up under Marshall Law.

I cannot believe how frightened the cops are of the looters… for crying out loud, give the Police back their guns and their respect. In the past it was an honour to be a policeman and everyone respected them. Today they are ignored and sometimes even abused, which is unacceptable. So please let us give the police the ability to do their work and we won’t have things like riots any more!

Happy New Year

I know that I have neglected the site over the last few months… but it is new year and with new year come new resolutions…. so here is mine… to keep Carper Diem updated… after all it is not that I have become so mellow that I no longer need to grumble…. but that I am always so short of time… but here is to finding some… and being able to get things off my chest. Meanwhile… Hope you have a year without too much trouble, agitation and ignorant customer service!

Happy New Year

Poverty in the US!

I saw this link and simply was shocked. Considering that America is known as the land of opportunity, a land of democracy and a land of freedom… you would not expect that there is need for a soup kitchen, let alone that 25% of people attending soup kitchens are children.

The advert shocked me. All I keep thinking is WHY? America is not a third world country. In fact it thinks of itself as the centre of the universe, and if they cannot cope, how can they expect other poor countries to manage?

Family Focus USA

International Speakers

At all good parties, there has to be some entertainment. It used to be someone singing or playing an instrument. But as fashion changes, so does what is considered entertainment. Today, it is fashionable to have? keynote speakers? come to speak. They might speak about their lives, experiences or about some amusing anecdotes.

International speakers has a list of speakers registered with them available for your function, meeting or party. Their list includes a whole range of famous people and celebrities including the likes of Jay Leno, Michael Porter, Goldie Hawn and even Neil Armstrong (the first man on the moon, in case you did not know)!

Drug Rehab Center

I have never been fond of people who are generally addicts. No matter what the addiction is. I really enjoy chocolate and could eat it constantly but I don’t have to. Nor do I ever harm anyone to get it. How silly would that be?

However, addicts can be found all over. And personally, I think there are 2 types. The ones that refuse to admit it and do not care who they effect by their addiction and those who realise that they are addicts and want to fix it. Needless to say, I care not for the former type. In fact I prescribe a prison sentence and going cold turkey! But for the latter, the ones who want to do something, I recommend attending a drug rehab.

I have heard of the treatment center at Stone Hawk. The people who work there are all rehabilitated addicts. They are there to help other addicts because they were fortunate enough to be given help. They are now there to help others. So if you are an addict, don’t be type 1 but be type 2 and speak to Stone Hawk. They take drug addiction seriously, and give a drug addict the option for a second chance. If you are an addict, do it now before its too late. Stone Hawk may be your last chance!

A Learning Curve

I wanted a site where I can lament to my heart’s content. This seems perfect, though I will let you know once I have mastered it.

Meanwhile, I have to climb on the learning curve for I am not the best technological person around! That is probably putting it mildly.

So, bear with me while I learn, then I can put this marvellous invention to good use.

So, for argument’s sake…. this was my first log.


P.S. I would like to mention that I intend to use this site to voice some rather controversial views. Therefore, for my own protection, I am using a nom de plume for all my lamentations. My lamentations are entirely my own (unless quoted), and therefore they are under copyright. More on this post script later on in my logs.