“Bin Laden has won”

Richard Dawkins tweeted the above message.This is what I have been saying all along. Glad someone well known is saying it too! Shame about all the negative responses but at least it is being noticed.

Hopefully the freedom to fly easily will one day return. I hope for the time when catching a plane will be as easy as catching a bus. Can you imagine if they tried to pass these airline restrictions to catching a bus? After all buses were also terrorist targets and they have not been reduced to ridiculous “security measures”.

The difference is that with a bus, you have the option of a car but with a plane, the options for travel with reasonable time frames is negligible. They know if they imposed the measures on a bus, people would use cars, trains, bikes, walk etc but with planes, well there is very limited choice. Personally I fly less often, I take planes and trains where possible or even my car.

Does it make a difference? Yes it does.

Has Bin Laden won? Yes, he has.

Why? Because he has effect my FREEDOM!!!!!

Soon our women will wear Burkas and our men will walk about armed in guns! An exaggeration? Perhaps but only slightly!

Virgin Trains

I don’t seem to be having much luck with Virgin Trains of late.
Last time, all trains from Euston via Rugby got cancelled due to signal failure. This mean that I had to miss my connecting onward travel. Any information I was given was either incorrect or utterly useless!
This time, I missed the train by a couple of minutes (why aren’t the trains late when you need them to be!), and then the next train was cancelled. This meant a 2 hour delay to me. Needless to say I was not happy.
Mind you I bet a number of people will have far worse horror stories than mine. But do tell me about them. Let me feel consoled!! Please!!!

2 Luggage Allowance!

Whoopee! Today they announced that they are now allowing some airports to have 2 hand luggages!! Big deal! The only question is why did they stop in the first place. And more importantly, is why are some airports like Gatwick still not allowing more than one hand luggage.

I remember a time where you could take? a hand luggage as well as:-

  • a handbag or briefcase
  • an umbrella
  • a vanity case
  • an overcoat
  • a hat box
  • a camera bag

Not that you would really want to carry all those pieces, but the point was you were allowed to. And now we should be grateful we are allowed 2 pieces of hand luggage.


I am still in this quandary as to what to do. I would love to visit Chicago, New York, Washington, Seattle, California, Florida and other US States. But I have too much difficulty with the idea of giving them my finger prints. It also screws with my going on a cruise as some of the best cruises touch base with the USA.

I? mean what are they going to want next? A blood or urine sample? A stool? A swipe from my mouth?

Private Jets

Gordon Gerstein is a director of Prudential Aviation. They are a charter jet company. If I won the lottery or somehow made millions, I would definately want to use them. It would mean a direct flight to where ever I want to go, at a time that is conveniant for me and probably without all the hassles that commercial airport securities inflict upon you. Oh and next to no danger of terrorism! That’s my idea of travelling well, unless I can learn to fly my own plane!

Finger Prints Required

I felt sick to my guts when I found out that for me to enter the USA I need to have my finger prints taken. Perhaps the reason that I feel this way is that I associate having finger prints taken with loss of rights and criminals. I feel that it unjustified to request my fingerprints just to visit a country! I thought we were trying to make the world a smaller place and not create greater barriers.

What will the next step be? A urine specimen, a blood sample and a hair strand before access can be granted!

Passport Photographs

As far as I was aware, the point of a passport photograph was to show a true likeness of a person. However with all the silly regulations, people no longer look like themselves.

  • Don’t smile or even express any emotion!
  • Hair back from your face (ie change your hairstyle)!?
  • Must be a certain size but cannot be trimmed!
  • Don’t open your mouth!
  • Look straight into the camera, only forward facing (after all its the only direction we move in!)
  • They even recommend removing your specs as you cannot have glare, reflection and frames must not cover your eyes!

And they don’t even allow Muslim women to have covered faces. Is that not offensive to them?

Yet recently a 5 year old girl had her photo rejected because her shoulders were visible and it might be offensive to Muslims?


BA competes with Ryan Air on Baggage Allowance!

I travel frequently need to take a domestic and european flight. I tend to travel with 2 bags within my weight allowance as it is easier for me to carry. So if I had two bags, does this mean that I would be charged (£60+£120) x return – a total of £360 for having an extra bag? It will simply be cheaper to fly an alternative airline.

BA try to justify this by saying that Ryan Air already charges for checked in Baggage. You cannot compare Ryan Air’s charges for baggages as it is just £3.50 a bag if you are within your weight allowance, and this is acceptable as flight costs are actually often negligible.

If BA thinks it is trying to compete with other airlines such as Ryan Air, it is going about it the wrong way. BA – you lower your prices and NOT increase them!

Good Bye British Airways – It was nice while you lasted!