CCTV – Big Brother

I was just reading that Tesco are installing Face Scanners to all their tills. They are claiming that it is to target advertising. You would think their loyalty card would do just that but apparently they think it is acceptable to scan their customers.

It is bad enough there is CCTV all over the UK and they have CCTV in stores (which I can accept as a deterrent to thieves) but Tesco thinks that the excuse that other retailers use them flies!

Obviously it is their store and they can do what they like within their stores but if they think that I am going to be happy about having my privacy invaded, then they have another think coming up because I will refuse to enter their store and part with my hard earned cash (which is what they want). I only hope that other people feel the same.

I think very often humans take the easy way out and that might be just accepting that you are being scanned and watched. But the question is where does it stop? When do we say enough?

“Bin Laden has won”

Richard Dawkins tweeted the above message.This is what I have been saying all along. Glad someone well known is saying it too! Shame about all the negative responses but at least it is being noticed.

Hopefully the freedom to fly easily will one day return. I hope for the time when catching a plane will be as easy as catching a bus. Can you imagine if they tried to pass these airline restrictions to catching a bus? After all buses were also terrorist targets and they have not been reduced to ridiculous “security measures”.

The difference is that with a bus, you have the option of a car but with a plane, the options for travel with reasonable time frames is negligible. They know if they imposed the measures on a bus, people would use cars, trains, bikes, walk etc but with planes, well there is very limited choice. Personally I fly less often, I take planes and trains where possible or even my car.

Does it make a difference? Yes it does.

Has Bin Laden won? Yes, he has.

Why? Because he has effect my FREEDOM!!!!!

Soon our women will wear Burkas and our men will walk about armed in guns! An exaggeration? Perhaps but only slightly!

Panorama & Libya

I know the point of Panorama is to anger the viewer but I am angry towards Panorama. They are taking a blinkered perspective, not accounting for culture or respect.

I remember travelling to Libya in the 90’s and as part of my warning, I was told that the punishment for stealing is to chop a hand off, if I steal a second time, I lose my other hand so that I cannot steal again. If I commited any crime, punishment was harsh. An eye for an eye pretty much sums up their policy based on their culture and beliefs.

Now along come Panorama and they are objecting to the way prisoners are treated. Come on. Imagine the Libyans started berating us for giving people who commit crime an easy time. We would not accept them interferring in our judicial systems, so why do we think we can and should interfer in their policies, methods and justice?

Racism or Faulty Logic?

The Guardian had a headline which read “Black male headteachers in England’s state schools number just 30” and the rest of the article was even worse than the headline. The headline implies that there are only a handful of black male headteachers in the State School  System. They seem to forget that a) the teaching proffession does tend to be female oriented (and they do actually quote that there are 127 black females headteachers and b) the indigenous British race happens to be “white”.  

Personally I believe that a headteacher should be chosen based on ability and not colour and the reality is that the choice of  staff is dependant upon the applicants that actually apply for the post. I would not expect them to pluck a black guy from the street to do the job just because he is male and black!

Earth Day

Earth day started in 1970 by a senator from Wisconsin after he visited the site of a massive 1969 oil spill off the coast of California. Since then it has been celebrated globally in 175 countries and more than 500 million people celebrate Earth Day. Especially considering recent events such as the Earth Quakes in Japan, the fighting in Afghanistan, Libya and the Ivory Coast, and who knows what else, it is nice to for a change pull together. And today, virtually anyone with an internet connection can speak globally.  Running today from 7AM EDT and running for 24 hours, the global chat will cover a range of topics, feature prominent expert panelists and hopefully oganize global action towards peace and environmental stewardship.


“To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness.” Confucius

This is our problem. There is wickedness all around. With things like TV and yes even Internet we are so much more exposed to everything, including wickedness, that we do get influenced. I mean when you think that some people do what they can to get an ASBO as though it were a badge of honour, then no wonder that the world and our society is deteriorating the way it is.

Wickedness has a way of spreading. Think of it as the single bad apple in a bowl of apples. Before you know it, they are all bad, although it was only one bad apple and a bowl full of good apples. The good apples never change the bad one to good!!

From Bad to Worse

I have had the unfortunate displeasure of watching a little of “Hotter than my daughter“. I have no idea why it was on that channel but sometimes shit happens, and this was a case of that! And it was vile. They were meant to help people and honestly the people left worse off than when they began and you would wonder how that was possible. Apparently there are depts of horrifying that you cannot imagine but this show just goes there. Watch at your own peril!


“The success of love is in the loving – it is not in the result of loving.”  Mother Theresa

This is the issue with why relationships seem to fail. It is the expecting the love rather than giving love. To love, you must love unconditionally. The joy of loving is also in the giving. But I guess most of us have forgotten that. We have become far too self centred a society whose main interest is keeping up with the Jones rather than happiness. We equate happiness to material things and let’s be frank… happiness cannot ever be bought!