Royal Wedding

Some people are celebrating. Some continuing with their daily lives (they weren’t personally invited or know the couple intimately). And some have decided to protest. My question is WHY? I guess some people are so dissatisfied with their lives, they have nothing better to do.

Despite all my grumbling… I am joining my street and partying. Life is too short to just grumble and so I am taking the opportunity to make the most of the event and for once I shall party and not grumble. I suggest you do the same.

(I’ll be back grumbling soon enough)!

Merry Christmas

Despite politicians thinking that Christmas should be removed from schools and nativity plays banned…. I think Bah Humbug to them and Merry Christmas to the rest of us.

Considering we live in a Christian Country with our head of state being our head of church also, I think removing Christmas because we may offend people who have chosen to come and live in our Christian country is ridiculous. Our Culture is what makes us who we are… so let us go and celebrate in what we believe in.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone one…. Christians, Muslims and Jews alike!

Harry going to Iraq

I am not too happy that Prince Harry is going to Iraq. Admittedly I am not too happy with anyone going to Iraq. First of all, if you go to war, you go completely to war but secondly you do not send your leaders into the line of fire. As 3rd in line to the throne, he needs to be there to lead his people (even if just as a figure head!)

Prince Harry in Iraq

It is all well and good to send Prince Harry to Iraq. And even if you did not care an iota for Prince Harry, at least spare a thought for his comrades. Prince Harry is NOT just another soldier. He will be a high target and so will everyone around him. No good can be done by sending Prince Harry to Iraq, even if it is admirable. Perhaps it would be better if Prince Harry followed his mother’s footsteps and became an Ambassador of Goodwill!

Princess Di & Dodi

Is it not about time that the whole issue of Princess Di & Dodi is put to rest. It is never easy accepting death, even if it might be murder as Al Fayed keeps saying. The fact is if that happened to? you or me there would never? be this whole commotion. This would be for 2 reasons. The first is that probably neither you nor I have anywhere near the required funds to keep this going (Viva Harrods) and secondly we would want to cope with our grief privately and not publicly.

I am sure all this publicity is not hurting Harrods! But I cannot imagine that it is easy on Princess Diana’s sons. They are people too. Whatever the cause of the accident was, let it rest! It has been 10 years already.

Penny for my thoughts!

I wanted to write a blog on my opinions about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles getting married. Except, when trying to jot down my feelings I realised that sometimes I need to think things more thoroughly. I mean, I am all for their getting married… but the reasons that I am for it is far more complex. I am sure that with time I will get to explain myself and my views on royalty but meanwhile let’s just say that I am all for their getting married.

Congratulations to Charles & Camilla.