Earth Day

Earth day started in 1970 by a senator from Wisconsin after he visited the site of a massive 1969 oil spill off the coast of California. Since then it has been celebrated globally in 175 countries and more than 500 million people celebrate Earth Day. Especially considering recent events such as the Earth Quakes in Japan, the fighting in Afghanistan, Libya and the Ivory Coast, and who knows what else, it is nice to for a change pull together. And today, virtually anyone with an internet connection can speak globally.  Running today from 7AM EDT and running for 24 hours, the global chat will cover a range of topics, feature prominent expert panelists and hopefully oganize global action towards peace and environmental stewardship.

Right to Vote

Recently there has been a whole lot of commotion about the human rights of prisoners, and their right to vote. Obviously like everyone else I have my own perspective and it is based on these 3 points:-

  1. A prisoner is a person who lost his rights by committing an injustice against society.
  2. Punishment is their having their freedoms and rights removed from them.
  3. If they do not give a toss about victimising people, then do you think care about society enough to vote? Also do you think they are responsible enough to take the RIGHT decision (based on their history)?

Besides which, are there not also the complications about getting their vote (safety, cost, security etc).

Obviously there are some exceptions but they are exceptions.

So in my opinion, if you don’t care for society.. then you deserve to lose your right to vote!


People seem surprised by the fact that Hitler was a vegetarian and a teetotaler. I am not saying that I agree with Hitler’s philosophies or ideologies, far from it. However, I feel that showing surprise that Hitler had principals is being rather ignorant of the historical facts. The truth is that Hitler wanted perfection, what he called an Arien Race. A race of perfect people. The fact that he defined who was perfect and who wasn’t (especially considering the fact that he himself did not fit his description of his ideal being) was a tad loopy, especially as he went by hair colour, religion and who your grandparents were despite perhaps their death before your birth. I guess the point is that he actually saw the people who were not “perfect” to be of less value than animals.

Mind you perhaps his ideas were not completely bad, because sometimes I think people who can torture kids, rape them and kill them deserve a slower more painful death than gas chambers! But then again, that would not fall within his theories…. just my own!!

Merry Christmas

Despite politicians thinking that Christmas should be removed from schools and nativity plays banned…. I think Bah Humbug to them and Merry Christmas to the rest of us.

Considering we live in a Christian Country with our head of state being our head of church also, I think removing Christmas because we may offend people who have chosen to come and live in our Christian country is ridiculous. Our Culture is what makes us who we are… so let us go and celebrate in what we believe in.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone one…. Christians, Muslims and Jews alike!


So I know someone whose health has recently deteriorated, and is seeking assistance and medical help. Ideally she would like to become better and regain her full independence, however she will gratefully accept any assistance that she can have because she realises that regaining her full health is tantamount to winning the lottery.

Let us give the devil his due… She does smoke and falls under the overweight category.

She has been diabetic since her twenties. Her diabetes plays around very dramatically and varies from a normal range to needing to be rushed into hospital as it hit 30 and she was lucky she did not enter a coma!! As a result of her diabetes, her eyesight has deteriorated to the point that she is practically blind. She suffers leg and back pains that sometimes mean that she can barely walk.

She has been referred by her GP for assistance in her home. However, apparently a GP’s word is not gospel. They are insisting that she attend a private clinic on a Sunday which will take her about 1 hour 25 minutes to reach there by their calculations. They have suggested that she should take no less than 3 different buses to reach her destination. No mean feat for a practically blind person!!

So now let us see it from a tax payers point of view. Aside from her normal NHS entitlements (which we should all be entitled to which is why we pay NI), which is also fair enough, there are unnecessary costs. These include:-

Private Treatment because our own government will not accept our GP’s word. Makes you wonder if we should take our GP’s word?

* The extra cost that it will cost for it being held on a Sunday.
* The reimbursement of her transport because she is not refereed to a local doctor or hospital.
* The extra paperwork because it is also printed in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Greek, Gujurati, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Somali, Turkish, Urdu & Vietnamese.

And then we are surprised that there is not enough money to pay for life saving treatments like Herceptin for Cancer Patients and IVF Treatments for Childless Couples!!

Freedom of Speech

I thought that freedom of speech was a basic human right but apparently there are exceptions to every rule.

Rules have been passed against people saying what they think on T-shirts as it may cause annoyance or inconvenience to some people!

They will soon tell me that I am not allowed my Carper Diem on my blog as it might annoy or be inconvenient to some people.


Green Peace

Green Peace -? What is Green Peace? all about?

Green Peace was set up to oppose testing? Nuclear? devices in the states. Today it focuses on environmental issues such as whaling, the ozone layer, ? global warming, the rain forests, nuclear power,? genetic engineering, cloning, organic? items, etc.

On the other hand they have been criticised for being too extremist. Stories of their Eco terrorism were often? heard on the vine.? For example at one point? Green? Peace was anti chlorine, yet chlorine is important for? us. They have also been known to support non human causes over human factors!

However, there are always two sides to every issue and it is up to us to decide which causes to back and which to avoid. It is always good to know both sides to every issue… and Green Peace is no exception.

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliment on the 5th November.

Children traditionally since the 18th Centrury have built Guys to be burnt and begged for a “penny for Guy”! This money? used to buy fireworks to “set alight” Guy. However fireworks for under 18’s has become illegal. It feels a bit harsh that we have become so strict a society and care nothing for tradition.

“Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”