Racism or Faulty Logic?

The Guardian had a headline which read “Black male headteachers in England’s state schools number just 30” and the rest of the article was even worse than the headline. The headline implies that there are only a handful of black male headteachers in the State School  System. They seem to forget that a) the teaching proffession does tend to be female oriented (and they do actually quote that there are 127 black females headteachers and b) the indigenous British race happens to be “white”.  

Personally I believe that a headteacher should be chosen based on ability and not colour and the reality is that the choice of  staff is dependant upon the applicants that actually apply for the post. I would not expect them to pluck a black guy from the street to do the job just because he is male and black!

Earth Day

Earth day started in 1970 by a senator from Wisconsin after he visited the site of a massive 1969 oil spill off the coast of California. Since then it has been celebrated globally in 175 countries and more than 500 million people celebrate Earth Day. Especially considering recent events such as the Earth Quakes in Japan, the fighting in Afghanistan, Libya and the Ivory Coast, and who knows what else, it is nice to for a change pull together. And today, virtually anyone with an internet connection can speak globally.  Running today from 7AM EDT and running for 24 hours, the global chat will cover a range of topics, feature prominent expert panelists and hopefully oganize global action towards peace and environmental stewardship.

Right to Vote

Recently there has been a whole lot of commotion about the human rights of prisoners, and their right to vote. Obviously like everyone else I have my own perspective and it is based on these 3 points:-

  1. A prisoner is a person who lost his rights by committing an injustice against society.
  2. Punishment is their having their freedoms and rights removed from them.
  3. If they do not give a toss about victimising people, then do you think care about society enough to vote? Also do you think they are responsible enough to take the RIGHT decision (based on their history)?

Besides which, are there not also the complications about getting their vote (safety, cost, security etc).

Obviously there are some exceptions but they are exceptions.

So in my opinion, if you don’t care for society.. then you deserve to lose your right to vote!

Masonary in Malta

I was reading a post or two about Freemasons in Malta. Honestly! I have never seen so much misinterpretation. Admittedly Freemasonry seems elusive but this originally occurred during the prohibition when clubs were prohibited and they had to go underground.

I must start by pointing out that I am not a Freemason but I see no reason to be out for the kill. After all, I am not part of my local football club or my local bridge club so why should I be a member of my local Freemason’s club!

Meanwhile, I thought I should state that I personally think that Mr Joe Zahra is a hypocrite and a low life. Whatever the reason he fell out with the lodge, he broke an oat he made to them when he “secretly” filmed their cermony. He obviously has no concept of respect and honour. Is it not also illegal to film someone against their wishes. Is it not morally questionable to break an oat and broadcast a private session?

As for Martyn Attard, he is correct, if they make good men better… well Mr Attard did not stand a chance, because the basis is that he was already a good man! He speaks about leading a lifestyle of sex, power and money yet he was so naive he “fell” for the masons. Perhaps the alcohol and drugs finally got to him and he now sees askew. Maybe it is his family who are still living in the dark ages and “pray” for him so that he is enlightened, as though you cannot be both a Catholic and a Freemason. If fact they expect you to believe in a God / have a religion and you are to maintain your religion throughout your membership with the masons!

And to point out the obvious…  the masonic family need not necessarily be rich but could be a) generous and/or b) many in number – hence the large sums donated to charity. Is this not a good point?

Finally, being a mason is a choice.. you don’t have to belong and you can choose to leave. So what is the damn issue?
Yes it may be a society with secrets… but so is say Cadbury’s. See if they will give you their recipe to their chocolate?
Talk about being blinkered!

The Law

In case you actually get frisky in an ambulance (strange I know…. but it must have happened as a law has been passed in Utah), bear in mind that it may be illegal like it is in Utah! Besides your charges, if you are a woman, you will also be named and shamed in the papers. The man gets away with the naming and shaming. How’s that for equality.

Spotted or not!

I do keep harping on about how ridiculous our society has become. When you rename a desert that has been around for over 150 just because of wanting to be politically correct… then you know you are being culturally ignorant!

Flintshire Council thought they should rename the pudding Spotted Dick to Spotted Richard. Imagine I said we ought to change their name to Flauntshire Council based on the fact they are flaunting their powers! I would imagine they would have an objection or two.

A step too far…

I was reading a news article and it really made my blood boil. I cannot believe that a girl was strip searched at school. When you consider that in today’s ridiculous age a teacher is no longer permitted to hug a child under any circumstance, then at least you would assume that strip searching a student is not acceptable. Apparently this is not the case. Savana Redding was strip searched because she was suspected of carrying a prescription drug with her (since when is this not acceptable?). Interestingly none was found.

What really gets to me is that “An appeals panel agreed that the search didn’t violate her rights.” Seriously! I mean if someone insisted I remove my bra (especially considering the controversy that arises when I breastfeed), I would be livid. If people object to seeing my breasts to breastfeed a child, then what right to they have to insist that they strip search me?

This is a horrific example of power gone to the head!!

Merry Christmas

Despite politicians thinking that Christmas should be removed from schools and nativity plays banned…. I think Bah Humbug to them and Merry Christmas to the rest of us.

Considering we live in a Christian Country with our head of state being our head of church also, I think removing Christmas because we may offend people who have chosen to come and live in our Christian country is ridiculous. Our Culture is what makes us who we are… so let us go and celebrate in what we believe in.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone one…. Christians, Muslims and Jews alike!

Are all crimes to be condoned?

Ethically speaking, should all crimes be considered equal? Are some crimes worse than others? Let us take stealing. Here are three different examples of theft:-

1. A kid steals a sweet from a sweet shop because of peer pressure.
2. A mum steals a loaf of bread because she has no food for her child
3. A person robs a store at gun point to fund his drug habit

Should the punishment be equal in all the cases? Personally I disagree. I think that perhaps the kid could be let off with a warning, the mum be given financial assistance and perhaps a suspended sentence and the last person should be punished instantly. Why do I think that. Well the child just bowed to peer pressure and is not necessarily a bad child. The child can be encouraged to be productive in society and can still be taught right from wrong. The mother did what she did out of necessity for her child to survive. But the final case, the person stole because he was rotten to the core.

So in the following case, how should he be punished?

A naked man breaks in to a place to steal