A life without grumbling!

I had reached a stage where I jut thought that enough was enough I was no longer going to “Carper Diem” but “Carpe Diem”. However, I find that sometimes I really cannot look on the bright side of life… and so I am back to grumbling away. Who knows with things like Twitter and International vocality perhaps my grumbles might be heard by the right people and something just might get done.

Yeah Right! But at least I feel better when I grumble about it!!


When someone thinks it is funny (why else would he have done it?) to urinate over a symbol of respect towards people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, you know that we have gone beyond a joke. Seriously, what was going through his head? It’s not like he is the thickest of people… he does attend university! But he is definitely the most disrespectful. I must say I do agree with the judge… a prison sentence would not be fruitful (and a waste of taxpayers money) and a community sentence might teach him some respect. Mind you, 250 hours is only 6 weeks work, and for a student is not very long. Perhaps a longer sentence … but hopefully he will learn some respect.

One step forward…

So today I needed to call a utility company. Ok, I know that that in itself should strike a chord of fear…. but it had to be done and well things might have progressed right?

Well, they did progress from never being answered or being constantly engaged to having a call waiting system. On answering I was informed that all operators were busy but my call was important to them and to stay on the line. I was also told (in a school teacher type of voice, with a hint of impatience) that the calls will be answered in the order they were received (as though I was asking them to help me jump the queue). Then I was informed that I was first in the queue. Wow, I thought, my lucky day!!!! I mean if you are told you are 54th in a queue, you would probably just put down the phone. Personally…. past 4th in the queue I would probably “try again later”! But here I was FIRST. I am not sure if I was ever first at anything in my life… but here I was first. So at any moment, they would pick up my call.

Music played in the background, and suddenly it was interrupted. Yeah, my turn now… except it was to inform me as above and let me know that I was still first in the queue. Resume music. Several interruptions later (perhaps no music would be less frustrating than interrupted music) I was expecting to have moved from first in the queue to second or fifth even. Considering I was supposedly first in the queue, the time seemed intermidable. Anyway, finally my call was picked up…. by an answering machine and informed me they would call back. Do I believe that? I am still waiting for that call!!! What do I do next??

So much for technology moving us forward, now I feel like I should not even keep trying to call them as they have my message and they will call back. Surely!

Swine Flu

I think the way the media keeps going on about Swine flu is ridiculous. It is a fact that regular flu could kill as many people as swine flu… so what is the big deal? Even its symptoms are no different to regular flu… so what is the big deal?

My doctor’s surgery has removed all the toys from the kids area, and all the reading material. Waiting has now become more fun! NOT!

Also if you have the flu… please remember to not visit your doctor! There are warning signs on most clinics advising this!

My church has deemed it more important to not contract the swine flu than to offer the sign of peace! And communion has been severely compromised too!

My government thinks it is ok to waste my tax payers money to print and send scary leaflets through the post!

And antibacterial lotion seems to be everywhere. Talk about trying to lower our immune systems. Doesn’t anyone realise this will make things worse?

Bad Manners

Apparently a fish market in Japan had to be closed down due to lack of manners by some sub human beings! They deemed it acceptable to lick fish which was being auctioned to head to sushi restaurants. I am so sure that they would go balistic if their food was licked prior to their eating it! Why they thought it was acceptable for them to lick it is beyond comprehension. Personally I would have made them pay for the fish (which considering some sell in the region of $10k is not inconsiderable).

No wonder our world sucks more by the day. Some of us have shameful manners (if we have any at all).


I placed an order with Tesco Groceries. Nothing unusual. Except this time it would not accept my second factor authentication. They think they should place a 2-factor authentication yet they do not seem to have enough co-ordination to make it work.

You see I actually share a credit card account with my partner. Our cards are the same number but our security is different. Yet their second phase security did not allow me to create my own log details. Suddenly they fixed the issue, and locked me out! But it left me worried and confused. Truth is I feel even less secure than without this 2nd security feature, and it is supposed to make me feel more secure. Hah!

Merry Christmas

Despite politicians thinking that Christmas should be removed from schools and nativity plays banned…. I think Bah Humbug to them and Merry Christmas to the rest of us.

Considering we live in a Christian Country with our head of state being our head of church also, I think removing Christmas because we may offend people who have chosen to come and live in our Christian country is ridiculous. Our Culture is what makes us who we are… so let us go and celebrate in what we believe in.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone one…. Christians, Muslims and Jews alike!


I find that the importance of family is no longer as strong as it used to be or in my opinion as strong as it should be. A family can offer such a strong support system, yet rather than encourage the family unit, the government actually discourages it.

If you are a single parent you have increased benefits from the government such as extra finances and more points to gain a council house. If you live with your extended family, you get nothing.

You watch TV and see programs where people sell their family heirlooms to go on a holiday or because they want the latest TV or for some other materialistic item! It makes me wonder how little people appreciate their family.

Personally, I believe that family is important. It offers me emotional security and a support system. I really could not manage without my family. It is bad when people do not have family but when people chose to shun their family… that is sad.

I have been passed down family heirlooms and they mean the world to me. And although I may never have personally known my great grand mother, having a keepsake of hers, like a silver locket or photograph, gives me that connection to her. As for my children, they have been named after family members. I feel it is a small sign of respect to the people who made me who I am and helped in my children’s upbringing. My father always said, “a child’s education begins 20 years before they are born”. It took me many years to understand it. But essentially it means that the child’s future will be a result of her previous ancestors!

Like them or not… family are part of you… and should be respected. You cannot hope to respect yourself if you cannot respect your family!


Crime is terrible not just for the crimes committed but for the victimisation that goes hand in hand with it.

I was pregnant when my house was broken into and we were robbed. What was not taken was damaged. They even stole our car and burnt it 4 hours later. The thieves were disappointed that all the boxes I had were paper work ready for storage, so they opened each box and scattered the papers. There were their footprints all over the papers. They were not afraid of getting caught. They found our alcohol and drank some. They even left half drunk open bottles.

Luck was on my side, as we were due to arrive from holiday the night we were robbed, but got delayed by a day. We would have probably been attacked if we were in the house when it happened. I was 7 months pregnant. Not something I want to imagine.

We arrived home at just after lunch time. We called the police. They asked us to remain off the property till they arrived. We waited in our car. One hour, Two Hours. We called them, they said they were on the way. Three Hours, Four Hours. We called again, after all I was 7 month pregnant and waiting in the car! We were told to go in and wait for them but to avoid touching anything.

The police turned up in the middle of the night! Admittedly, I gave them permission to come in the middle of the night, otherwise they would not have come until the next day. Needless to say, I did not sleep a wink that night. To date, I still don’t feel safe when in that house. We were lucky, we were moving. I cannot imagine just how horrifying it would be to constantly live with the feeling of lack of safety.

I was told to wait until they came to take fingerprints and to avoid touching anything. It took 3 days for them to come. Can you imagine being in your home and trying to touch nothing.

They took loads of stuff. Most covered by our insurance. Our insurance took longer to pay us that the time it takes to create a baby. Although the items were financially covered, anything with sentimental value can never be covered. The damage they caused was heartbreaking. Living in the mess they caused for 3 days was devastating.

To make matters worse, the detective tried to insinuate that we were somehow involved. Seriously. If I were ever to plan something so heinous, would I seriously do it while pregnant? I was not even in the UK at the time!

They got away. Nothing was ever retrieved. No-one saw anything. I have not heard from the police since. My heart still pounds away whenever I stay in that house, as I occasionally do. I lock, double lock and barely rest. I still don’t feel safe.

So the question I put to you, is who caused the greater victimisation…. the theft or the manner in which I was treated by the system?