The Law

You know lots of people have funny rules in their house relating to the bathrooms … like don’t forget to close the toilet seat when done, remember to flush when done, close the lid on the toothpaste.

However if you are in someone’s apartment in Switzerland and it is past 10pm, it is actually illegal to flush. Honestly, it is not your host!!

The Law

The UAE – United Arab Emirates are really trying to go out of their way to become Westernised. However as long as their legislation includes things like Male Doctors not being allowed to look directly at a woman’s genitals during an examination, then they really have no hope.

In case you are wondering, they can look at the genitals via a mirror!!

Merry Christmas

Despite politicians thinking that Christmas should be removed from schools and nativity plays banned…. I think Bah Humbug to them and Merry Christmas to the rest of us.

Considering we live in a Christian Country with our head of state being our head of church also, I think removing Christmas because we may offend people who have chosen to come and live in our Christian country is ridiculous. Our Culture is what makes us who we are… so let us go and celebrate in what we believe in.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone one…. Christians, Muslims and Jews alike!