Royal Wedding

Some people are celebrating. Some continuing with their daily lives (they weren’t personally invited or know the couple intimately). And some have decided to protest. My question is WHY? I guess some people are so dissatisfied with their lives, they have nothing better to do.

Despite all my grumbling… I am joining my street and partying. Life is too short to just grumble and so I am taking the opportunity to make the most of the event and for once I shall party and not grumble. I suggest you do the same.

(I’ll be back grumbling soon enough)!


People seem surprised by the fact that Hitler was a vegetarian and a teetotaler. I am not saying that I agree with Hitler’s philosophies or ideologies, far from it. However, I feel that showing surprise that Hitler had principals is being rather ignorant of the historical facts. The truth is that Hitler wanted perfection, what he called an Arien Race. A race of perfect people. The fact that he defined who was perfect and who wasn’t (especially considering the fact that he himself did not fit his description of his ideal being) was a tad loopy, especially as he went by hair colour, religion and who your grandparents were despite perhaps their┬ádeath before your birth. I guess the point is that he actually saw the people who were not “perfect” to be of less value than animals.

Mind you perhaps his ideas were not completely bad, because sometimes I think people who can torture kids, rape them and kill them deserve a slower more painful death than gas chambers! But then again, that would not fall within his theories…. just my own!!

Super Botox Me

I was watching Super Botox Me on TV … and in case you are wondering, it is because I would not rule out botox in the future. It brought tears to my eyes. It looks painful. I am aware of the saying “no pain – no gain” but seriously this looks painful. And why do we do it? So we can look as close to picture perfect as humanly possible. We just want to look like those airbrushed models and celebrities!

Will I do consider it despite the pain. You bet! I am as shallow as the rest of the human population. Now to fund those few thousand quid every few months!!

Brangelina’s Babies!!

Like it or not, I seem to be inundated with spam emails about the Brangelina Twins. Seriously why would I care about strangers having twins or not? What I do care about is that since these two celebrities (Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie if you are somehow out of the loop – what world are you living on – can I join you?) have had twin babies, my life has been adversely affected. I have received several emails (spam) daily trying to get me to click on a link for photos, and they seem to be everywhere. And my question is why? They are simply two people considered relatively attractive in the acting world who got married and had kids! Why would I care?

I really wish people would get a life rather than try to live someone else’s, and even more importantly, I really wish that people would let me live my own life. I really have no reason to want to live their lives. They really offer me no inspiration, so why would I care?