Out of Place

My previous post is stretched a bit out of place. I should try to get it sorted. If anyone has any difficulties do let me know, as I think I may leave it low on my list of priorities! Sorry about that!


Talking about taking? mobile marketing to extremes. Apparently through the use of sms marketing, one can post blog messages up on the website via sms messages.

I think I might actually consider it. Everytime I get a gripe or feel like grumbling about customer service or rather lack of, I can instantly post it to Carper Diem and let the world know what I think of x y z! The best bit is that I get to blow off steam there and then and I can get to back to my drones of every day life!

Not a bad idea if I do say so myself!


RevLeft.com leftist discussion forums? are simply that – forums where socialists are welcome to discuss anything. Considering that socialism is meant to be about equality, how can they justify needing forums for discussion. If everyone were equal and thought equally, would that not eliminate the need for discussion?

To quote The life of Brian… “We are all individuals!”

Altogether now…. “We are all individuals!”

For Madeleine

This is not a shopping post. This is a plea for help on behalf of little Madeleine McCann. She was abducted from her parents while on holiday in Portugal. Everyone is worried sick about her and what may be happening to her. If there is any information which may lead to finding her to contact the police.

She is 4 years old tomorrow. The greatest present you can give to Madeleine would be something that money cannot buy, but to reunite her with her family.


Finger Prints Required

I felt sick to my guts when I found out that for me to enter the USA I need to have my finger prints taken. Perhaps the reason that I feel this way is that I associate having finger prints taken with loss of rights and criminals. I feel that it unjustified to request my fingerprints just to visit a country! I thought we were trying to make the world a smaller place and not create greater barriers.

What will the next step be? A urine specimen, a blood sample and a hair strand before access can be granted!