Valentine’s Day

Do you think that Valentine’s Day has become too commercialised? Most people would think that it has. However, as an ever romantic person, I say no. Admittedly shops exploit Valentine’s Day, but romance comes from within rather than from the shops!

A handmade card can mean so much more than a shop bought one. And if you wanted to stretch to a present, again, you do not need to head to the shops. Something home-made and romantic can far outweigh something bought. Good examples are a massage, a voucher book containing treats such as washing dishes, back rub etc, or even a home baked cake in the shape of a heart!

Speaking English is a requirement!

Finally they have seen the light. It has been announced that unemployed people seeking benefits must be able to speak English!

Personally, I believe that if you move to a country, you oblige yourself to learn the native language of the country. While in Rome, do as the Romans do!

It has suddenly dawned on the UK government to only give benefits to people who can speak English. Well done.

This will hopefully result in huge tax savings and erm perhaps tax reductions! Savings will not only be made by not paying huge amounts to people who refuse to learn English yet expect to live in England and claim English people’s money & currency, but also by not having to needlessly print the same documentation in 22 different languages such as Urdu, Chinese, Arabic* etc.

Now the only question that remains, is how to decide who can speak English and who cannot. Do see my lamentation on…. Why can’t the English!

*No offence is meant by the languages selected. They are just 3 languages that popped to my mind that leaflets are most probably printed in!

BA competes with Ryan Air on Baggage Allowance!

I travel frequently need to take a domestic and european flight. I tend to travel with 2 bags within my weight allowance as it is easier for me to carry. So if I had two bags, does this mean that I would be charged (£60+£120) x return – a total of £360 for having an extra bag? It will simply be cheaper to fly an alternative airline.

BA try to justify this by saying that Ryan Air already charges for checked in Baggage. You cannot compare Ryan Air’s charges for baggages as it is just £3.50 a bag if you are within your weight allowance, and this is acceptable as flight costs are actually often negligible.

If BA thinks it is trying to compete with other airlines such as Ryan Air, it is going about it the wrong way. BA – you lower your prices and NOT increase them!

Good Bye British Airways – It was nice while you lasted!

The Law & the Lawless!

Why is it that far too often the law does not protect the innocent but protects the guilty!

You really need examples?

Well, the recent case of the paedophile who escaped prison as the prisons are too full.

I had an employee who was harassed by a 15 year old and when he refused to give in to her, she reported him to the police for sexually assaulting her. Needless to say, it was untrue but not until it went to court several months later and several arguments with his wife who began to have doubts!

I was physically assaulted by someone I caught stealing from my shop and the police refused to take action saying there was not enough evidence despite having shop CCTV evidence, witnesses and street CCTV!

An employee caught stealing but without evidence. I was advised to get evidence, which I did. And police refused to take action because she said she was going to pay for them. They would not let her leave the shop with them or it would be theft, but then the accepted that she was going to pay for them. As for the previous theft… apparently you cannot use one to prove the other! She got away with a laptop and £700+ which was charity money!

Ah well….c’est la vie I suppose! I guess sometimes it pays to be guilty!

Freedom to do as you please!

So a paedophile gets let off a prison sentence as there is a lack of space in prisons. Apparently subject to your crime being a not serious one, you will escape punishment. So you are now free to do as you wish!

No more political correctness …. Yippee!

On an after thought if paedophilia is not seen as a serious enough crime to be considered for a prison sentence, what is?

More Airport Drama

I have been travelling again. Honestly if it were not for having to pass through airports I would love travelling.

So on landing at Gatwick, I enquired where my buggy was. Apparently because of liquids and safety they could not get my buggy to the pier! Can anyone explain this to me?

Also, when travelling, I had a sealed bottle of water (honestly, I forgot I had it in my baby bag!) and this time, I planned it, I had a baby bottle with a little water. So I topped up the bottle with this water. Apparently this was ok, but I could not keep it in its original bottle. But, I was allowed to keep the bottle. As soon as I got to the departure lounge, I could have transferred the water back.

So the question is…

What happens to that water in those 5 seconds of passing by security?

Any explanation for any of the above will be appreciated! Explanations into the comment boxes please!