CCTV – Big Brother

I was just reading that Tesco are installing Face Scanners to all their tills. They are claiming that it is to target advertising. You would think their loyalty card would do just that but apparently they think it is acceptable to scan their customers.

It is bad enough there is CCTV all over the UK and they have CCTV in stores (which I can accept as a deterrent to thieves) but Tesco thinks that the excuse that other retailers use them flies!

Obviously it is their store and they can do what they like within their stores but if they think that I am going to be happy about having my privacy invaded, then they have another think coming up because I will refuse to enter their store and part with my hard earned cash (which is what they want). I only hope that other people feel the same.

I think very often humans take the easy way out and that might be just accepting that you are being scanned and watched. But the question is where does it stop? When do we say enough?

“Bin Laden has won”

Richard Dawkins tweeted the above message.This is what I have been saying all along. Glad someone well known is saying it too! Shame about all the negative responses but at least it is being noticed.

Hopefully the freedom to fly easily will one day return. I hope for the time when catching a plane will be as easy as catching a bus. Can you imagine if they tried to pass these airline restrictions to catching a bus? After all buses were also terrorist targets and they have not been reduced to ridiculous “security measures”.

The difference is that with a bus, you have the option of a car but with a plane, the options for travel with reasonable time frames is negligible. They know if they imposed the measures on a bus, people would use cars, trains, bikes, walk etc but with planes, well there is very limited choice. Personally I fly less often, I take planes and trains where possible or even my car.

Does it make a difference? Yes it does.

Has Bin Laden won? Yes, he has.

Why? Because he has effect my FREEDOM!!!!!

Soon our women will wear Burkas and our men will walk about armed in guns! An exaggeration? Perhaps but only slightly!

A life without grumbling!

I had reached a stage where I jut thought that enough was enough I was no longer going to “Carper Diem” but “Carpe Diem”. However, I find that sometimes I really cannot look on the bright side of life… and so I am back to grumbling away. Who knows with things like Twitter and International vocality perhaps my grumbles might be heard by the right people and something just might get done.

Yeah Right! But at least I feel better when I grumble about it!!