Panorama & Libya

I know the point of Panorama is to anger the viewer but I am angry towards Panorama. They are taking a blinkered perspective, not accounting for culture or respect.

I remember travelling to Libya in the 90’s and as part of my warning, I was told that the punishment for stealing is to chop a hand off, if I steal a second time, I lose my other hand so that I cannot steal again. If I commited any crime, punishment was harsh. An eye for an eye pretty much sums up their policy based on their culture and beliefs.

Now along come Panorama and they are objecting to the way prisoners are treated. Come on. Imagine the Libyans started berating us for giving people who commit crime an easy time. We would not accept them interferring in our judicial systems, so why do we think we can and should interfer in their policies, methods and justice?

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