Riots are not protests! DUH!

There are all these riots which are meant to be a protest of sorts… except with a protest usually you can pacify them by giving them what they want… but what do these rioters want other than destruction? Also protestors would not be “breaking and entering”, stealing, killing or burning homes and businesses down!

And the worst of it is that I am sure that most people in the riots have any idea of the impact to the economy, society or if the country ended up under Marshall Law.

I cannot believe how frightened the cops are of the looters… for crying out loud, give the Police back their guns and their respect. In the past it was an honour to be a policeman and everyone respected them. Today they are ignored and sometimes even abused, which is unacceptable. So please let us give the police the ability to do their work and we won’t have things like riots any more!