“Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.” Confucius

You would think that with the way the world has progressed, we would have increased our ability. Not so! Why recently I broke down someone’s script. I received a cold call regarding my phone and internet system. I questioned them to ensure they knew I was not in a country they operate in. They were aware and yes they still wanted to talk to me. Then they asked me what my monthly call costs were… I did not know offhand and said I didn’t know. A few emms and ahhs from the caller then suddenly “Thank you for your time, Goodbye”. HUH??? The fastest way I have ever got rid of a cold caller (and not even intentionally). Apparently, he must not have had what to reply in the event that I did not know what I was spending. He could overcome the fact that I was in a different country to where they provide services but not overcome the fact that I had no idea¬† how much I was paying (yet I was happy to be paying). Did I miss something here?

So honestly forget what Confucius said, because the truth is Ability doesn’t stand a chance!!!

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