Religion & Fairness

Unreligious: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?”

Priest: “No, not if you did not know.”

Unreligious: “Then why did you tell me?”

Think about it! Is it fair? Yet it is done. It is the story of Adam and Eve all over again. Apparently, we do not learn from our mistakes! Let’s take the rest of the world down with us!



When someone thinks it is funny (why else would he have done it?) to urinate over a symbol of respect towards people who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, you know that we have gone beyond a joke. Seriously, what was going through his head? It’s not like he is the thickest of people… he does attend university! But he is definitely the most disrespectful. I must say I do agree with the judge… a prison sentence would not be fruitful (and a waste of taxpayers money) and a community sentence might teach him some respect. Mind you, 250 hours is only 6 weeks work, and for a student is not very long. Perhaps a longer sentence … but hopefully he will learn some respect.


“Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.” Confucius

You would think that with the way the world has progressed, we would have increased our ability. Not so! Why recently I broke down someone’s script. I received a cold call regarding my phone and internet system. I questioned them to ensure they knew I was not in a country they operate in. They were aware and yes they still wanted to talk to me. Then they asked me what my monthly call costs were… I did not know offhand and said I didn’t know. A few emms and ahhs from the caller then suddenly “Thank you for your time, Goodbye”. HUH??? The fastest way I have ever got rid of a cold caller (and not even intentionally). Apparently, he must not have had what to reply in the event that I did not know what I was spending. He could overcome the fact that I was in a different country to where they provide services but not overcome the fact that I had no idea  how much I was paying (yet I was happy to be paying). Did I miss something here?

So honestly forget what Confucius said, because the truth is Ability doesn’t stand a chance!!!

One step forward…

So today I needed to call a utility company. Ok, I know that that in itself should strike a chord of fear…. but it had to be done and well things might have progressed right?

Well, they did progress from never being answered or being constantly engaged to having a call waiting system. On answering I was informed that all operators were busy but my call was important to them and to stay on the line. I was also told (in a school teacher type of voice, with a hint of impatience) that the calls will be answered in the order they were received (as though I was asking them to help me jump the queue). Then I was informed that I was first in the queue. Wow, I thought, my lucky day!!!! I mean if you are told you are 54th in a queue, you would probably just put down the phone. Personally…. past 4th in the queue I would probably “try again later”! But here I was FIRST. I am not sure if I was ever first at anything in my life… but here I was first. So at any moment, they would pick up my call.

Music played in the background, and suddenly it was interrupted. Yeah, my turn now… except it was to inform me as above and let me know that I was still first in the queue. Resume music. Several interruptions later (perhaps no music would be less frustrating than interrupted music) I was expecting to have moved from first in the queue to second or fifth even. Considering I was supposedly first in the queue, the time seemed intermidable. Anyway, finally my call was picked up…. by an answering machine and informed me they would call back. Do I believe that? I am still waiting for that call!!! What do I do next??

So much for technology moving us forward, now I feel like I should not even keep trying to call them as they have my message and they will call back. Surely!

The Law

In case you actually get frisky in an ambulance (strange I know…. but it must have happened as a law has been passed in Utah), bear in mind that it may be illegal like it is in Utah! Besides your charges, if you are a woman, you will also be named and shamed in the papers. The man gets away with the naming and shaming. How’s that for equality.