Spotted or not!

I do keep harping on about how ridiculous our society has become. When you rename a desert that has been around for over 150 just because of wanting to be politically correct… then you know you are being culturally ignorant!

Flintshire Council thought they should rename the pudding Spotted Dick to Spotted Richard. Imagine I said we ought to change their name to Flauntshire Council based on the fact they are flaunting their powers! I would imagine they would have an objection or two.

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is usually carried out by lethal injection. It comprises 3 parts. One to put them to sleep, one to paralyse them and the last potassium to stop the heart. A point to note is that death by lethal injection destroys organs. Death by hanging, on the other hand, leaves the organs in perfect condition as the person dies because they break their neck.

There are issues of cruelty on both counts, however, for the point of this post, I won’t go into the morality. I am taking the fact that people awarded capital punishment deserve it and all they get, as fact.

I feel that if someone has commit a crime so heinous as to deserve capital punishment, than the least that the person can do is automatically give back to the community by “donating” their organs.

The Law

Liverpool has been recently known as the Capital of Culture. How is this for culture…

Well as you know in most places going topless is illegal. Except that to every rule there are exceptions! In Liverpool, you can go topless if you work in a tropical fish store or in a bank serving foreign currency!

Fun law for a change!!