Crime & Punishment

If Andrew Ibrahim wanted to kill himself by blowing himself up, should he be punished with 10 years imprisonment? I mean seriously… isn’t that just a waste of tax payers money? I mean, if that is what he wants to do, then he will probably do it once he gets out anyway. So why not just confine him to a space (like maybe a condemed house that needs to be knocked down) and let him blow himself up. This way, you protect people who want to live, save precious tax payers money (less taxes for us?) and you get rid of vermin like him!!

A step too far…

I was reading a news article¬†and it really made my blood boil. I cannot believe that a girl was strip searched at school. When you consider that in today’s ridiculous age a teacher is no longer permitted to hug a child under any circumstance, then at least you would assume that strip searching a student is not acceptable. Apparently this is not the case. Savana Redding was strip searched because she was suspected of carrying a prescription drug with her (since when is this not acceptable?). Interestingly none was found.

What really gets to me is that “An appeals panel agreed that the search didn’t violate her rights.” Seriously! I mean if someone insisted I remove my bra (especially considering the controversy that arises when I breastfeed), I would be livid. If people object to seeing my breasts to breastfeed a child, then what right to they have to insist that they strip search me?

This is a horrific example of power gone to the head!!

The Law

You know lots of people have funny rules in their house relating to the bathrooms … like don’t forget to close the toilet seat when done, remember to flush when done, close the lid on the toothpaste.

However if you are in someone’s apartment in Switzerland and it is past 10pm, it is actually illegal to flush. Honestly, it is not your host!!