Bad Manners

Apparently a fish market in Japan had to be closed down due to lack of manners by some sub human beings! They deemed it acceptable to lick fish which was being auctioned to head to sushi restaurants. I am so sure that they would go balistic if their food was licked prior to their eating it! Why they thought it was acceptable for them to lick it is beyond comprehension. Personally I would have made them pay for the fish (which considering some sell in the region of $10k is not inconsiderable).

No wonder our world sucks more by the day. Some of us have shameful manners (if we have any at all).

Baby Baby

I was reading an article about a new born baby being left in a school playing field. I mean seriously…. did this girl just pop it out and continue with her life just like that? Ok perhaps this baby was originally an accident and perhaps unwanted and she was not going to be showered in silver baby gifts but an ounce of dignity.

First of all, labour is not called labour because it is a party but because it is damn hard work!! Secondly, she could have just put the baby up for adoption. I also blame her parents because they should have realised that she was pregnant and they should have guided her. She would not have then given birth and dumped a baby in a school field in freezing temperatures.

It is sad to see how our society is disintegrating before our very eyes and despite this news, we will just continue with our lives without even another blink!


I placed an order with Tesco Groceries. Nothing unusual. Except this time it would not accept my second factor authentication. They think they should place a 2-factor authentication yet they do not seem to have enough co-ordination to make it work.

You see I actually share a credit card account with my partner. Our cards are the same number but our security is different. Yet their second phase security did not allow me to create my own log details. Suddenly they fixed the issue, and locked me out! But it left me worried and confused. Truth is I feel even less secure than without this 2nd security feature, and it is supposed to make me feel more secure. Hah!


“Would those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry”. John Lennon

Ok, perhaps times have changed slightly, however even back in the 60’s I cannot think that mens jewelry rattled much. Mind you, I suppose if they wore a couple of peace signs???