The Law

You would think that you could die anywhere that you unfortunately happened to be at that moment in time. This is not always legal. In fact, you would be breaking the law if you chose to drop dead in the Houses of Parliament in the UK!!

So if you are planning to drop dead, please remember not to go to the houses of parliament. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life in prison. Life? Oh! Ops!

Wedding Favors

HSBC stepped on many people’s toes when they launched a set of adverts about cultures. They irritated the Mexicans when a European went to Latin America and found a lack of space, they irritated the Chinese with the European eating the Eel, and they irritated the Maltese with the wedding favors adverts where the guests take the presents! Needless to say some adverts were barely shown…. the number of complaints received was high. They stepped on peoples toes. Their idea was to try to reduce the cultural gap but with the fact that they were actually oblivious to the true cultural differences – they messed up big time.

They took cultural traditions and (possibly without intending too) made fun of cultural differences. Would that not also fall under racism?