Super Botox Me

I was watching Super Botox Me on TV … and in case you are wondering, it is because I would not rule out botox in the future. It brought tears to my eyes. It looks painful. I am aware of the saying “no pain – no gain” but seriously this looks painful. And why do we do it? So we can look as close to picture perfect as humanly possible. We just want to look like those airbrushed models and celebrities!

Will I do consider it despite the pain. You bet! I am as shallow as the rest of the human population. Now to fund those few thousand quid every few months!!

4 thoughts on “Super Botox Me

  1. I don’t think I could do anything like botox. The only stuff I want to do is get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. And ofcourse lose 20 kilos.

  2. I think they remove the dark circles under the eye by plumping them up – ie BOTOX!!

    I have been dieting for ages now. And still need to lose another 10 kilo’s. This won’t make me a perfect size 0 but I will fall into what is termed Normal by Doctors…

    I think cosmetic surgery would be a treat for succeeding on my losing weight. I lost 17 kilos so far!!

  3. Botox – been havin it for 6 years – once a year. Doesn’t hurt too much – sort of like the needle pinch getting novacaine with a tooth filling. It’s very fast (about 5 minutes). They have you freeze the area with ice before the shots so it hurts less. Doesn’t work on dark circles does work on wrinkles.

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