More spam scam emails

I received yet another email saying…. ooooh poor kid…. she is burnt (fair enough pictures verify that there is / was a burnt kid) but then it goes on to say repeatedly – donation of 11c.

  1. It does not say who is donating the money or to whom.
  2. It does not explain how or why the donation will happen.
  3. I bet this kid has no idea of this email and will never receive a penny.
  4. There are no contact details to validate the email.
  5. It was done malicously playing on your emotions to screw with everyone’s email.

Yet people keep insisting on forwarding the email. Do people not have an ounce of common sense? Obviously not as otherwise I would not keep getting these emails which waste so much of my precious time, which in turn reduces my even more precious time with my son. The reason I am writing about this here is because if it stops 1 round reaching me, it would be worth the time I spent writing this here. Any more stopped become bonus time.

So please use your common sense before fowarding chain emails. You can use the internet to verify the authenticity of the email and if you cannot verify your email – DO NOT SEND IT!!

This website link will show you just how many fake emails there are out there … and it only lists a few!!


I have always thought of dying as quite morbid but well aparently there are some ways where it nearly doesn’t sound so bad…

And some people will actually experience death more than once…. I am refering to Derek Jones who died 31 times!!


I bet it is not the first time that you have heard people comparing prison to a hotel. Well I think this takes the biscuit…. someone found $55,000 hidden away in a toilet in prison.

Seriously, not even when you travel on holiday do you carry that kind of money. I, like most, actually do not have that kind of money, let alone having it run around in a water closet!!

Perhaps I ought to consider a spell in Prison. Could do with the extra finances. Who said crime doesn’t pay?

Men having Babies

This is why the world is screwed up. A woman decides she wants to be a man. Fine. Takes hormones to turn into a man but refuses to give up her female essence. She / he (not sure if I should say he or she) even decides to follow through and have a baby! Baby was not even conceived naturally. Isn’t this a case of having the cake and eating it?

Can you imagine what this poor baby will have to face? Can you imagine this poor child how screwed she will be?

Yes – the transgendered person (yes, a new word for these screwed up people) had a baby girl (girl for now).