Freedom of Speech

I thought that freedom of speech was a basic human right but apparently there are exceptions to every rule.

Rules have been passed against people saying what they think on T-shirts as it may cause annoyance or inconvenience to some people!

They will soon tell me that I am not allowed my Carper Diem on my blog as it might annoy or be inconvenient to some people.


£90M Bill

I know the cost of living keeps creeping up and up… but this is ridiculous!! A woman received a £90 million bill for her pre pay electricity.

Seriously speaking we would all notice an error of £90 million but let us say there is an error of £20, would you actually notice it? No. I didn’t think so. Makes you wonder how many “mistakes” actually go by unnoticed. £20 on everyone’s bill would soon tot up to £90 million… and yet will it make the news? Will anyone notice? We are talking only £20 on our bill!