Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget. I really cannot say I agree with that. Forgive by all means. It is two fold. It gives you the ability to let it go and you can also carry on with your life. But forget… that I don’t advise. You can say that I am a cold hearted cruel person but I am not. I believe in protecting the self and once bitten twice shy.

It is up to you what you do, but frankly don’t expect me to forget what you have done to me!

Pinks Vs Blues

Talk of stereotyping. We start stereo typing kids from the moment we discover their sex. Blues for boys and Pinks for girls. And woe betide the woman who dresses her? son up in a purple baby babygrow. Trust me I know. I dressed my baby son 2 years ago in a cute purple babygrow with a rabbit on it for Easter and the comments I received were not pleasant in the least, except when they thought he was a girl.

Baby Pink or Baby Blue? Give me primary colours any day!

Animal Testing

It gets my goat that people object to animal testing. I mean seriously, if it were not for animal testing, medicine would not have progressed the way it has. More people would die too. And we do live in a world where “survival of the fittest” is the reality. So really… what is the problem?


Is lusting after someone – cheating?

To some people cheating is the result of actually sleeping with another person. Yet I sometimes feel that being emotionally involved with someone else is more unfaithful than just sleeping with someone just for the sex. I think most men will see that as an excuse, but I do not mean to reduce the fact that sleeping with someone is also cheating.

I would be far more upset with my partner if he was emotionally involved with someone than having a one night stand with a blonde bombshell who was begging for it!