I have been thinking about perception. For example, does Office Furniture? give away what type of service you receive? If you choose cheap furniture people do not think? – ah yes they have economised on furniture and so can in turn charge me less. Quite contrary they tend to see cheap furniture and think unsuccessful and lack of quality. Hence when choosing furniture for a business it make sense to get quality furniture as first impressions count, even if they are wrong impressions! Besides you can always charge more because you seem successful! Ironic!

Can you imagine what someone with the below office would charge?

Lawyers and Such

A friend asked me about an Attorney Referral here in the Isle of Man. The only problem is that I do not really know many lawyers, attorneys, notaries or any one of the legal profession.

The one thing that I do know is that legal help never comes cheap and if it did, then perhaps there is a reason for it. I have mostly worked through lawyers by referrals as that means I can gage how happy or not I will be. What I do know is that when I worked with a lawyer who was refereed to me, he cut down the time to buy a house from 3-6 months to just 3 and a half weeks. Well worth paying extra for!


Did you know that one can get application essays? or admission essays written for you. At first I thought that it? is cheating but after thinking about it for a while I saw things in a different light. It says something about you. If you choose to get someone else to write it for you, it could be due to a number of things eg laziness, lack of confidence etc. Yet it shows an ability to over come your short comings, so I guess it should count for something. Mind you, considering that the essay might be of significance, I am not sure I could assign it to someone else but that is just me!


Sometimes Time really seems to fly by. I want to do so many things and the reality is that I do not have enough time. Am I somehow wasting the time I have? Should I be sitting and smelling the flowers as they grow or should I be rushing around trying to do everything so if I ever have some free time I can enjoy it in luxury?


Ever wondered what a Brazilian is? Well, it is not a type of nut and nor is it a person from Brazil. The Brazilian refers to a specific waxing in a specific female area. If you are really up to it you can watch the Brazilian Bikini Wax Video? but I think I will just have to give it a miss! Brazilians? are just a bit too much for me!


Out of Place

My previous post is stretched a bit out of place. I should try to get it sorted. If anyone has any difficulties do let me know, as I think I may leave it low on my list of priorities! Sorry about that!

Torch Bearers

Sometimes it is nice to see something positive. I found that you can Nominate torchbearers for the historic Torch Relay to theBeijing 2008 Olympic Games. I think this could be a really proud moment for someone special. If there is someone who is a hero or heroine, then you can nominate them to be a torchbearer. It would be an honour they would not forget. It would also be a great and unique way to thank someone who deserves to be thanked in a really amazing manner. The only question is who are you going to nominate for the role? ME?


I must say I was quite impressed to hear about the BP Solar Decathlon? in association with the US department of Energy. Apparently, they run a competition where 20 groups of university students compete to build an energy friendly house.

With all the crap you hear about not being environment friendly, it makes a huge change to see something positive and proactive about it. Hopefully, they may even come up with cost effective ways of turning your house into a truely energy efficient home.

Anyway, 20 teams of university students from around the world compete in the competition held every two years. They have been hosting this competition since 2002. The students? try to design and? build solar powered houses. They need? to be habitable too. It ends with a week long? competition event.

The main? inspiration is to create and provide a cheap way of producing energy.

I wonder what they will win? The house? Or Free Energy?

And when the competition is over, hopefully some of the students will come and voluteer to make my house energy friendly. 🙂 And while they are at it, there are a few more requirements I would not mind including too? Any volunteers? Please? Pretty Please?

Real Estate

I once heard that someone thought that? property just did not make enough money. He made his money on the stock market. He so believed in his theory he did not even own his own property. I on the other hand believe in owning real? estate.? ? I feel getting boulder real estate? means you can make more money.

Let’s take this guy… he spends £800 a month on renting. Yet for the same amount or thereabouts he could be paying a mortgage. In the case of renting, it is dead money. But 25 years after the mortgage is paid off, it will be worth whatever the value is at that moment in time. So, in my eyes, property can really be worth it!