Did you know that loans effect the cost of living, the rise in house prices and the interest rates?

Apparently because of the number of people who take personal loans (regardless of whether they are secured loans or not), it effects the rest of us. And do you know what the main reason for taking a loan. That’s right to keep up with The Jones. I mean it is all very well and good to have a new kitchen or a fancy holiday but they are not necessities. Perhaps we ought to think twice before taking out an unnecessary loan!


I have been watching? a series called 24. It has left me feeling very insecure. They seem to be able to trace people and they seem to be able to know exactly where a person has been and what a person has done over the last few years or even more.

They say America is the land of the free. However, I suspect that it is only “free” on the surface because if they can monitor you constantly then you are no longer free. Big Brother is watching!


I keep worrying about my brother who keeps not being accepted into Dentistry despite having far more than the basic qualifications. I keep trying to think of other options such as the? piscataway programs.

The thing is that unless he is careful, not only will he not get his degree in medicine, he might generally end up not getting a degree at all! Needless to say I am not impressed with universities at present!


Talking about taking? mobile marketing to extremes. Apparently through the use of sms marketing, one can post blog messages up on the website via sms messages.

I think I might actually consider it. Everytime I get a gripe or feel like grumbling about customer service or rather lack of, I can instantly post it to Carper Diem and let the world know what I think of x y z! The best bit is that I get to blow off steam there and then and I can get to back to my drones of every day life!

Not a bad idea if I do say so myself!


I saw a job advertising Nanny Jobs Sydney? based. It left me pondering about Nannies. I must say I have often considered a nanny for my children. I suppose that I never did get a Nanny because it means that I get to miss out a little on bringing up my children. However if I actually had to go out to work, then I sincerely believe that a nanny is the way to go.

The children feel secure and there is a relationship between the carer and the children. Admittedly, you will never find Mary Poppins but perhaps Miss Mary will do the job just as well. As long as the nanny is happy to follow the parents requirements then I think it may be a kinder alternative to child care!


Everytime I need to get some tiny DIY -? do it yourself job, I fall into a panic. You see traditionally men do all the handy work. However, my dearest hubby is anything but handy! Give him a pc and viola, he will sort it out. Give him a hammer and nail and off to A&E we go!

Ok perhaps he is not that bad. Though, I can accept that knowledge is power, and with enough knowledge anything can be accomplished. This is far from the case with my husband. Let me explain.

Everyone knows to check the wall for wires before drilling. My husband (with all his knowledge), even owns a gadget that will confirm if there is electricty behind the walls. Yet did he use it? No! He drilled right through it! I found him standing on a chair in shock with a broken red burning drill tip at the end of his drill and drained of any colour!

Not only did I never get my shelves, I have to find someone to repair damaged plaster? as a result of his fiasco!

Perhaps I will get myself a DIY DVD and do it myself! C’est La Vie!

Stress Relief

There is nothing better for stress relief than dance. There are the biological side effects but there are also the psychological effects too. I currently am really into salsa, latin dancing and the bachata.

All I need are a few bachata lyrics? and some funky music and I feel better!!