Teen Rehab ECHO MALIBU offers adolescent drug treatments. That is to say rehab or rather rehabilitation to adolescents suffering from drug problems and abuse. They are there to offer 24 hour care seven days a week.

Rehabilitation is not easy but it does give you back your life.

So although it might seem hard it is your best chance to a better life.

The ECHO treatment centre is in Malibu and any calls made to them are kept completely confidential. If you have a drug problem, then for your own sake, do not hesitate, call them. Their number is 800 780 ECHO! Just do it!

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Someone was telling me that it is no longer acceptable to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep as it is not politically correct. I really cannot see what is not politically correct about it.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Have you any wool?

Yes Sir Yes Sir

3 Bags full.

1 for my Master

1 for my Dame

and 1 for the little boy

who lives down the lane!

Honestly what is wrong with that? There are black sheep. And the song is about one of them. What do they propose the song is turned to? Baa Baa white sheep? or Baa Baa sheep sheep? or Baa Baa Neutral Sheep?

Political Correctness gone awry I think!


I used to have to go to the NEC. I must say I always loved going. It used to be an hour and a half drive, so we could actually go for the day without it being too expensive. However, now when we need or want to go, we have to search for Birmingham Hotels? which more often than not are full.

The NEC is the biggest conference center in the UK. If the event is in more than 1 or stretching it 2 halls, you need more than 1 day (unless you specifically know where you want to go). Best advice I can give is wea comfortable shoes, take stickers and cards with your details? and take a trolley bag for samples, cards and papers.

Enjoy your conference.

Too Many Cooks…

You know the expression Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth!

You have no idea how true that expression is. It? is always so much easier to just do it. But when you have many “cooks” then you keep having to adapt for each of them. And argh! Needless to say, I think my broth is spoilt!

(and I dare not grumble too much or I might tread on people’s feet too!)


Tonight I was out partying. I must admit for the first time, I felt very grown up. I looked around and saw a large amount of youngsters all around. Most of them were so drunk they were falling and triping in each other. Some ever had to be held up by their friends. And some, I am not quite sure who was holding who up!

With alcohol, it has become a socially accepted thing. I too enjoy a good drink. However, I don’t allow myself to become so intoxicated that I cannot control or look after myself. Yet it seems to be the norm to allow ourselves to do this. The reality is that we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are bigger and more serious than others. But as long as we can learn from our mistakes and rectify them, then it? can be? ok to make mistakes.

Some mistakes we make are a normal process of growing up, such as getting drunk as part of a night out.? It can also? include mixing with the wrong crowd and having the wrong friends. Unfortunately, this can lead to worse mistakes such as taking drugs. This aside from being socially unacceptable and illegal can? actually cause you physical and mental harm. Thankfully? if you find enough common sense and? actually realise that you should not be taking drugs and want to get on to the right road to recovery, then you are already half way there.

Just get yourself checked into a drug rehab and you are well on your way to getting better / solving your problem / stopping drugs. I am not saying that it will be an easy process but at least you will be able to retain your self respect, and perhaps even the respect of your friends and family.

Business & Money

I have always thought that money begets money. The more money you have, the more you can invest, the more you can earn. However, we are not always made of money and we sometimes need to borrow money to make some money.

Getting an unsecured business loan is never easy especially as it generally means having Unsecured Lines of Credit. However, sometimes, it can be the best thing that you can do for your business. I used a credit card for my business. The truth is that as long as somewhere gives you access to money easily and fast, you are onto a winner. If you get great service too then you are bound to have excellent results.

The only question would be what is best to invest in to make lots of money?

Gun Crime

It really gets my goat that in the civilized world we have gun crime. When I see kids get killed as a result of gun crime, my blood boils. Apparently it is not ok to punish or smack a child but it is ok to have gun crime.

Until crime gets just desserts (fair sentences) then crime will remain. When someone gets life for killing someone, they should be imprisoned for the rest of their life and not 13 years! After all the person they killed will not wake from the dead because life is now just a number of years!