Martial Arts

My sister was really into Martial arts when she was younger. When? she first asked our mother to join I assumed that she would refuse. It is quite a jump from having 2 little ballerinas to having a ballerina and a fighter! Yet for some reason she felt obliged to let her go. I think perhaps she thought it would be just? a phase. It might have been “just a phase” but it lasted several years.

So when I found out that my sister was joining a martial arts club I was petrified. Despite her being four years my junior, she was able to kick my sorry behind with ease. Can you imagine what life would be like when she learnt professional moves? She started and I stood and quivered in my shoes waiting for the inevitable to happen. But do you know what? The first thing she learnt was to control herself and not to fight with others who are not martial arts experts (unless being obviously attacked). She stopped fighting with me. She became more poised and controlled. She even learnt about inner happiness.

I was impressed. She took interest in anything to do with martial arts and became a different person altogether. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to her.

Places that help encourage martial arts may give to others what martial arts gave to my sister. Things like a monthly contest and newsletter? can help encourage interest. And if it all leads to less fighting (especially in public) I am all for it. It is even great for self defence!


Considering all I have been through within the last few years, I have lost a whole load of naivity and faith in society in general. I have been attacked by “customers”, robbed by them and by staff too, I have even had my house robbed and ransacked. My husband kept worrying more and more because he knew that if I was confronted I would attack back. He was afraid that one day someone would pull a knife or gun out on me. This got even worse when I fell pregnant. It meant that I had to close up my business and relocate to a different area. A safer one. In fact we practically moved country.

Crime prevention? is pretty much non existant. Police never took action and that is when they did decide to turn up. And some even questioned my like I planned out the robbery on our house. I was livid. Just imagine. I was 7 months pregnant, turned up home after a week away to find our house ransacked. Called the police early afternoon and were told not to enter the house and leave the crime scene as is. Hours later we called the police and they said we can go in but not to touch anything! Police turned up at 2 in the morning because I insisted they came. The finger print specialist took 2 days to turn up and then had the cheek to say that dna exposed to air for a period of time rendered the dna useless. He came up with nothing.

Needless to say, I felt that I had no personal security? at all. Now if I had a taser? or some other decent weapon, I might feel safer. At least until punishment becomes harsher, crime will keep increasing.

So sadly I believe in harsh prison sentences with prisoners made to work to fund their stay in prison. After all it is not fair that the victim has to pay for their attackers stay in prison!? ?

Private Jets

Gordon Gerstein is a director of Prudential Aviation. They are a charter jet company. If I won the lottery or somehow made millions, I would definately want to use them. It would mean a direct flight to where ever I want to go, at a time that is conveniant for me and probably without all the hassles that commercial airport securities inflict upon you. Oh and next to no danger of terrorism! That’s my idea of travelling well, unless I can learn to fly my own plane!

Forums leftist discussion forums? are simply that – forums where socialists are welcome to discuss anything. Considering that socialism is meant to be about equality, how can they justify needing forums for discussion. If everyone were equal and thought equally, would that not eliminate the need for discussion?

To quote The life of Brian… “We are all individuals!”

Altogether now…. “We are all individuals!”


Not too long ago I tried a waterbed.? It felt really odd. I had wanted a waterbed for as long as I can remeber. When I was growing up in the 80’s, waterbeds? were all the rage. The truth is I am not sure I could manage one as I felt really giddy. Having said that, the one I tried belonged to a friend of mine who said the first few days were a bit odd but now they would not part with it for anything!


As you know I am not a person in awe of celebrities. I find that the majority of celebrities do not generally deserve a second look let alone all the celebrity status they? receive. People like Paris Hilton have done absolutely nothing to deserve my admiration, and? my gripes towards her have nothing to do with a jail sentence. If you think of Nelson Mandela, he was jailed, yet you will not find his picture among any? celebrity pictures! He deserves to be celebrated. Yet places celebrate people like Paris Hilton, Madonna, Jade, Nicole Riccie, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Schwartenegger and? 50 Cent (not even gramatically correct!).


Do you know how websites work? Websites like google are called search engines. These actually search for websites according to your needs. They give a scoring based upon certain requirements like how many links to the page it has or how many people visit it. There are companies that offer search engine optimization services? which help give new websites the opportunity to be found.

I will not bore you with the technical details but if you cannot do your own search engine optimisation and you want your website to be a huge success, it makes sense to get it proffessionally done.

Though word of mouth and other advertising helps also!