British or American?

I don’t mind watching American movies though I generally prefer? British films. What I cannot abide is a mixture in one film / movie. More so when it is supposedly? an educational program.

Brilliant Baby seems to have just got this entirely confused. It seems to have been made by an American company for the English market. They have a whole series of “edutainment” films. Their idea of making the film for the British Market is to have a British narrator.? Excuse me, but that alone? does not make it suitable for the British market.

They use American children with their Americanisms. They indicate that 4th July is a national holiday, except that it is only a holiday in the USA. It is almost unheard of in Europe. They speak of Pumpkin Pie as though everyone knows it, yet is? something that is hardly known in the western world. I think the biggest error of all is when they speak of Autumn but write Fall. Excellent way to confuse children.

I can hardly believe they managed to pick up so many awards. Has no-one of the bodies dishing out the awards actually noticed the discrepancies? Perhaps the awards should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I am not saying that it could not have worked. In fact they are reasonably well laid out. They have just mixed up whether to be a British production or American.

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