I come from a background where salad used to consist of a bunch of lettuce, a few slices of tomato and a few slices of cucumbers. If you have a really nice salad, you might also have a few slices of onions! That’s a Mediterranean diet! Ha! No wonder I hated salads. I have discovered there is so much you can do with Salad Recipes!

Some? salads are so nice. I think my favourite is Waldorf! I am not sure how well it would be if you are eating salads to diet!


I really enjoy having time to spend with my family. Sadly it never seems enough. And to top it off, when you plan to do something it always works out expensive. I find it always makes sense to take advantage of leisure time promotions? as you can get to do twice as many things than if you don’t take advantage of them.

I must say that I do enjoy a good promotion. So if you have any – just send them my way!


Do you remember that time before everyone had a pc?

Do you remember that time before the internet?

Do you remember that time before mobile phones?

Do you remember that time when no-one had a laptop?

These things all go to make our lives so much easier. In fact we can hardly remember the time when we did not have them. The problem is that we now can nearly not live without them. People expect us to carry them with us wherever we go. And honestly I hate having to take my laptop and mobile with me on holiday.

Thankfully today you can get remote access? to your pc at home via any internet connection. This means that you can go on holiday and pop in to your local internet cafe and see your pc at home if you really need to. Mind you, hopefully you won’t need to. But its always better to be prepared. And this way, you can leave your pc / laptop at home and enjoy your holiday.


Yesterday, we went out for a fun day. It was a really nice day too. We had a picnic blanket and a ball. We met up with friends and had junk food for lunch. We were walking around the amusements and we left the ball and picnic blanket in our spot. Needless to say (or I probably would not be grumbling about it) when we got back neither the ball nor the blanket were there. Someone actually pinched them on a fun day. The ball was nothing special. It cost just a pound and the blanket was so used, it was tearing from the handle. But that is not the point. Someone thought it was acceptable to pick them up and take them. They did not consider that the ball belonged to a little boy and that the blanket was being used. Needless to say, it really ruined our fun? day!

It made me think about our Home Security System. It made me wonder if I should do things to increase our security. This had been an opportunistic theft. Can you imagine what a planned theft would be like. I suppose you want a security system that will deter the opportunistic thief, yet perhaps not challenging enough for a real thief. If it is that challenging, perhaps they would think you would have more than you actually have and make you a target.

Penny Thoughts

One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing things that people think you cannot do.

Mind you I have always found someone telling me that something cannot be done as the strongest motivation to do it! My examples included doing a full-time degree whilst working full-time. Studying sciences when my head insisted on my doing less studious subjects. Being married and having freedom. Just beating deadlines that seemed impossible. The list goes on. 🙂

The News Room

The News Room? provides people with licenced news clips that can be published or mashed on your website. Their content providers include Reuters, Associated Press and Agence France Press. So you know that you have a news clip worth its salt.

You can get paid up to? four dollars CPM for showing a news clip on your site. In fact I think it is such a great idea. I just may implement it on Carper Diem. Now how cool would that be. You get to read my blog and get to view the news at the same time, while sponsoring Carper Diem’s upkeep.

In case you were wondering CPM is cost per thousand impressions. That means that you have to show the clip one thousand times. But as long as you keep visiting, (or in the case of your website – your visitors keep returning) then you quite quickly build up a thousand visits. And four dollars may seem like a small amount but most websites receive more hits than that on a monthly basis. And four dollars a month is nearly fifty dollars. And if you don’t think that that is money. Please leave me a comment and I will send you my paypal address and you can drop them off into my account.

British or American?

I don’t mind watching American movies though I generally prefer? British films. What I cannot abide is a mixture in one film / movie. More so when it is supposedly? an educational program.

Brilliant Baby seems to have just got this entirely confused. It seems to have been made by an American company for the English market. They have a whole series of “edutainment” films. Their idea of making the film for the British Market is to have a British narrator.? Excuse me, but that alone? does not make it suitable for the British market.

They use American children with their Americanisms. They indicate that 4th July is a national holiday, except that it is only a holiday in the USA. It is almost unheard of in Europe. They speak of Pumpkin Pie as though everyone knows it, yet is? something that is hardly known in the western world. I think the biggest error of all is when they speak of Autumn but write Fall. Excellent way to confuse children.

I can hardly believe they managed to pick up so many awards. Has no-one of the bodies dishing out the awards actually noticed the discrepancies? Perhaps the awards should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I am not saying that it could not have worked. In fact they are reasonably well laid out. They have just mixed up whether to be a British production or American.