Let’s Ban Heterosexuals!

Let’s Ban Heterosexuals! Let us also get legislation to allow us to do so!

You read correctly. A pub in Australia has been legally granted the ability to ban heterosexuals from their pub.

I would love to see a pub being allowed to ban homosexuals from a pub! Not that it really makes a difference to me as I hardly ever frequent pubs, but I thought we were living in a politically correct world where sauce for the goose was also sauce for the gander. But apparently sauce for the gander is not also sauce for the goose!

Oh and the other point…. how do they intend to identify sexuality?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Ban Heterosexuals!

  1. LOL that’s a great idea, banning heterosexuals. Sounds good to me! Why not make a point… banning homosexuals is just discrimination, pure and simple.

  2. I agree banning homosexuals is discrimination but so is banning heterosexuals.

    Being banned based on your prefered sexual partner is silly!

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