What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the term used for plastic surgery on the labia.

The way you can find plastic surgery for all things, there is also plastic surgery for a woman’s labia. If as humans we can be unhappy about our breasts, our noses, our hips, thighs and tummies, our pecs, our wrinkles and our sags under our ours, it is not to be unexpected that we are also unhappy about our labia and vaginas.

If you are thinking about labiaplasty, I urge you to bear in mind that it is still an operation. I also urge you to do your research well and find a doctor who specialises in labiaplasty because you cannot afford anything to go wrong.

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Babysitting TV

I have always disagreed with using a TV as a babysitter. So the biggest question that I put to myself, is why on earth, do I sometimes succumb and let my child watch TV so that I can do whatever it is that needs doing.

I am as guilty as the rest, if not more because I actually disapprove of it. 🙁

Air Ambulance

I worked as cabin crew for a number of years. Sadly there were a couple of incidents during my time as cabin crew. Perhaps on a better note, they were not incidents on my flight but on previous flights to my own. You see even ill people sometimes need transporting between one place and another. In one case, a young lad was on his way to a holiday. He was dying of cancer and had a few weeks to live. He was escorted by some medical staff as he had medical needs. Sadly this young chap died enroute. Admittedly he knew he was dying, but the cruel factor was that he died on his way to his final holiday rather than on his return. This incident is one that stayed with me. I was really shocked by it. In this case, admittedly he knew he only had a limited time, but it was still really sad.

There have also been occasions were 9 seats were blocked on a previous flight. These were adjusted to turn 6 of them into a bed and the other 3 seats for any accompanying medical staff. Although I have never had anyone travel with me, I can still only imagine the indignities of travelling like this. Admittedly a curtain was placed to surround the bed. But for security and safety reasons this would have to be tied up for take off and landing. Also, the fact that this is different to normal, would rub at people’s curiosity.

Today, I learnt about an air ambulance? service, and I thought how nice this is. Who would have ever thought that such a service would actually exist. It is so much better to be able to travel this way rather than so publicly on a commercial airline. They are also served by specialist medical staff. That is a comforting thought.

Let’s Ban Heterosexuals!

Let’s Ban Heterosexuals! Let us also get legislation to allow us to do so!

You read correctly. A pub in Australia has been legally granted the ability to ban heterosexuals from their pub.

I would love to see a pub being allowed to ban homosexuals from a pub! Not that it really makes a difference to me as I hardly ever frequent pubs, but I thought we were living in a politically correct world where sauce for the goose was also sauce for the gander. But apparently sauce for the gander is not also sauce for the goose!

Oh and the other point…. how do they intend to identify sexuality?

Back Up

For some reason people seem to have never heard of “backing up” until it is too late. They all then say, but no-one ever told me to back up. Well, I am telling you here and now. BACK UP. You never know what might happen. By backing up you are saving all your hard work. There are many ways that one can back up. Save everything to a CD or DVD or memory card or even spare hard disk. You can also do an Online Backup. The good bit about doing it online, is that if your house or office? burns down…. you can still save all your work or photos!

House Sale or Not?

Did you know that 25% of house sales fall through before they are complete?

It is a result of the whole process of the way a house is sold (in the Uk). If people had to actually place and accept a deposit for the sale of the house. Then the sellers would be obliged to sell and the buyers would? lose their deposit if it falls through. This means that if it still falls through then? at least the sellers would have made some money to make up for the lost time.

It would also mean that people like me would not lose money when they try to buy a house? on things such as a survey. We were in the process of purchasing a house, had paid for the survey to be done and then? the sellers pulled out. We ended up out of pocket! :(?


Everyone has heard of Atlantis.

Everyone has heard of Plato.

Plato speaks of Atlantis in his published works and dialogues.

According to Atlantis Kingdom, Atlantis Was a Real Place? and not mythical or fictional.

So, what is the truth behind Atlantis? Did it sink? Was it a place that is now called something else? Where was it? What happened to it?

All we can do is theorise, but if you visit Atlantis Kingdom’s website, you just might be enlightened! And if you disagree, you can always join up with their forums and give your own theory or discuss and philosophise what happened to Atlantis!

Press Release

Atlantis Was a Real Place, the Americas

Recent discovery: The kingdom of Atlantis included North, South, and Central America, which was divided into ten countries or kingdoms, and each country had its own King. One of the countries was also called Atlantis, which had a royal city called Atlantis. Near the royal city was a small rectangular island called Atlantis. The King of Atlantis was the ruler over the other nine Kingdoms. The first ruler of the Kingdom was called Atlas, and the continent, country, city, and island were all named after him. That is why Atlantis is sometimes referred to as a continent, a city, or an island.

Originally, three different moats surrounded the royal palace. Plato referred to the moat formation as three zones of water and two zones of land. As time went by they covered over the moats and cut three canals through the peninsula on which the royal palace was located. The construction of the canals divided the peninsula and formed two triangular islands. The island of Atlantis held the royal palace.

I have matched the terrain features that Plato wrote about with present terrain features found in the Tampa Bay area. Plato described Harbour Island as the small island of Atlantis. You will find that Plato recorded and published the story just as it was told. He even recorded the discussions leading up to the story. In reading his dialogue, you will notice several obvious mistakes made in translating the story from Egyptian to Greek and from Greek to English. The biggest mistake occurred when travelers came upon a shoal of mud and thought it was left over from the sunken island. They were wrong. The Americas did not sink. Neither did Atlantis.

You are invited to review the facts and see for yourself that the Americas, from South America to Alaska were once the great kingdom of Atlantis, a single nation. The land formations of the royal city are still laid out the same as they were over 11,000 years ago. They are best viewed from the air. See Tampa FL.

Read the short version of Plato’s story at to learn more about Atlantis and the Americas. Then read Atlantis Conspiracy to get the complete story.


According to my chemistry back in my school days, water – H20 is meant to be colourless, odourless and tasteless.

However, I would beg to differ. I hate the taste of Evian and love the taste of Volvic. I can drink most water but some is more palatable than others.

Ok I do realise that the reason water taste changes is dependant on trace element in the water. Makes me wonder what distilled water tastes of!


Florida is well known for its sunny and hot climate. Although perhaps better known for Disney World, Florida also has a huge agricultural market. With all that sun, it is not surprising. Think about it…. where do you want your orange juice to come from – Florida of course.

Here is a video about Florida’s agricultural market.

Hoax Email

“Hi, everyone:

The Ericsson Company is distributing free computer lap-tops in an attempt to match Nokia that has already done so. Ericsson hopes to increase its popularity this way. For this reason, they are giving away the new WAP laptops. All you need to qualify is to send this mail to 8 people you know.

Within 2 Weeks, you will receive Ericsson T18. But if you can send this to 20 people or more, you will receive Ericsson R320

Make sure to send a copy to:”

If you have received this email, PLEASE do NOT forward it. It is a hoax email. It is a chain email that does not do anything other than cause email congestion and irritate people. I cannot bear to receive another one of these emails. I will ban anyone who sends me this email again, so that I never receive trash from that person again.

I would like to prove my point to you:-

  • If you have any common sense, you would verify the email address and the offer before forwarding.
  • This email has been circulating since the beginning of the millennium – can you imagine how many times I have received this email or a similar version to it!
  • People do not give away things for nothing – why would they give you a laptop?
  • More importantly why would they give you a laptop when they don’t make laptops but phones?
  • The Ericsson’s mentioned are actually phones and not laptops!
  • They are discontinued models, so why would they have a stock of them at all?
  • Even if it were true… are you so desperate for a discontinued phone?
  • The email address is not valid!
  • Nor is the variation of valid!
  • I am irritated that I have received yet another chain email!
  • Nobody has ever received a phone or a laptop. I always ask the people who send me the chain if they received anything. I would only forward if the actually did. (In other words I never forward it!)

If you feel you really need to forward something – return the email, perhaps in the same way and with a link to this post. It may help stop both you and me from receiving so much junk email. Here’s to hoping!