Lowest Bid Wins!

bid4prizes? is a slightly unusual auction website. Rather than the highest bid wins, the lowest bid wins. The question is how do you figure that it won’t be sold a thousand times over by a penny! The auction is won by the lowest unique bid. You have to guess what other people will be bidding and you must try to bid a little higher but uniquely! Mind you that’s not to say you won’t win it for a penny! You can bid by text or online. I can see how they cover the cost of the item via texts but not sure how they do online!

Harry going to Iraq

I am not too happy that Prince Harry is going to Iraq. Admittedly I am not too happy with anyone going to Iraq. First of all, if you go to war, you go completely to war but secondly you do not send your leaders into the line of fire. As 3rd in line to the throne, he needs to be there to lead his people (even if just as a figure head!)


I have to say I like the privacy of banking alone and at home. I like being able to Bank whenever I want and at whatever time I want. And best of all, I do not have to face any ridiculous staff who do not know their job well enough.

I personally believe that the interest rates on Current Accounts? should be the same as Saving Accounts. There should not be any Bank Charges? for things which are automated and do not cost the bank money. The banks make their living by utilising the money you have in their accounts. Charging you for the privilege of having your money is ridiculous.

If you kept your money at home under the mattress, there would not be any banking charges. If you spent the money and bought things which increase in value such as gold and diamonds, then you do not even pay tax on your interest! But that is another sore point and another lamentation!

You know the truth is this – in today’s world you cannot really afford to not have a bank account, so you know what they say – like it or lump it! (Though you may wish to compare banks as some offer slightly less bitter deals than others!)

The best thing ever….

The best thing to ever have happened to me… was to become a parent.

Admittedly occasionally my son and I throw a load of temper tantrums. Never sure who will win. But all the joys are just breath-taking. He takes my breath away whenever I see him do new things or when he throws me a kiss or even says please.

I love being a parent.

Finger Prints Required

I felt sick to my guts when I found out that for me to enter the USA I need to have my finger prints taken. Perhaps the reason that I feel this way is that I associate having finger prints taken with loss of rights and criminals. I feel that it unjustified to request my fingerprints just to visit a country! I thought we were trying to make the world a smaller place and not create greater barriers.

What will the next step be? A urine specimen, a blood sample and a hair strand before access can be granted!

Cuddly Dating

Sometimes I end up amazed at the world we live in! Ok I can understand that we all look for a perfect partner. I can also understand that sometimes you cannot meet the right person by choice. And sometimes a dating site can help you meet people and perhaps eventually a partner. I can also understand that you may feel conscious about your size. I can even understand liking specific characteristics eg blonde hair blue eyes. But I would not expect to find a site specialising in Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes!

However BBW Dating Free Trial? specialises in Cuddly Dating! They believe Big is Beautiful, which is fair enough. It is a very specific website because if you are big does not necessarily mean you only want to date big people. And you may not be big but find big attractive.

I am not sure how it works, but if it does, I am glad it does. I hope no-one objects about its political correctness!

The right car!

I am after a new car, yet it is no easy task. I swear all cars were designed by men whose only concern was speed! Mind you its no wonder that they make car insurance for women! Mind you I suppose that means I can get the best car insurance? deal around. I just thank god I am not a young driver any more because car insurance for young drivers can be exorbitant!

So ideally my new car would have lots of compartments to store toys – yes all the toys that kids drag to the car and forget there! It would come with a built in area to stick your car licence. It would have an ice box (they do them on some cars? – so not asking for something out of this world!), a built-in car seat for a child (eg middle seat), air bags that can be turned off, wipe clean seats, DVD player for the kids, drink holders that actually hold drinks, a rubbish bin compartment, a wet wipe holder, sunglasses / specs holder, extra mirror to see kids in the back. Not forgetting of course, must haves? such GPS, air conditioning, electric windows, key fobs, fast defrosting of all windows!

Those are just some of the things I want…. the list could go on!

Just well design the car – if you require my assistance, you can reach me via the contact button. I will design your car interior for the princely some of the 1 perfect car & I promise it won’t be a Homer Style Car!


Most loans are Secured Loans. When they are not Secured Loans, they tend to have really high rates. The reason they ask for security if they want to guarentee that their money is safe and they will get it back as well as the interest due. Generally, Personal Loans? & Debt Consolidation Loans? tend to be secured loans. If you do not keep up repayments, you can lose whatever is securing your loan.

Personally, I think there are very few reasons to take out a loan. However, sometimes you have no option. But do bear in mind that taking out a loan for a new TV or some swanky gear, is silly! Save!