Drug Rehab Center

I have never been fond of people who are generally addicts. No matter what the addiction is. I really enjoy chocolate and could eat it constantly but I don’t have to. Nor do I ever harm anyone to get it. How silly would that be?

However, addicts can be found all over. And personally, I think there are 2 types. The ones that refuse to admit it and do not care who they effect by their addiction and those who realise that they are addicts and want to fix it. Needless to say, I care not for the former type. In fact I prescribe a prison sentence and going cold turkey! But for the latter, the ones who want to do something, I recommend attending a drug rehab.

I have heard of the treatment center at Stone Hawk. The people who work there are all rehabilitated addicts. They are there to help other addicts because they were fortunate enough to be given help. They are now there to help others. So if you are an addict, don’t be type 1 but be type 2 and speak to Stone Hawk. They take drug addiction seriously, and give a drug addict the option for a second chance. If you are an addict, do it now before its too late. Stone Hawk may be your last chance!

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