Hospital Cleanliness

How can there be hospitals in the western world where cleanliness cannot be taken for granted and you can go in for something simple and die from the MRSA bug! You want to feel confidence when you enter a hospital not trepidation.

In the past hospitals had Matrons. They ensured the hospitals were spic and span. They ensured that everything was kept clean, tidy and perfect. No-one ever heard of anyone dying from some super bug they picked up in the hospital.

So, the government take NI out of our salaries to provide a health service and they cannot even do a good job of it! I would not mind if they gave a service for the money we pay, or if they provided nothing and took nothing out of our salaries. But if you insist on taking money to provide a service… cannot I insist on a good service?

Home Insurance

I have always felt that Home Insurance is a rip off but airing on the side of caution I have always purchased some. Thank heavens for that. I have had to claim twice in 7 years. I would have been a whole load worse off if I did not have insurance. The first was for a claim when despite being a 3rd floor flat we ended up with a flood from heavy rain! Half our sitting / dining room furniture was damaged. The second was for a break-in. What they did not take, they damaged. All in all we paid far less on insurance than was paid out for us. Needless to say, I will keep my home insurance. Hopefully nothing else will go wrong but you know what they say – better safe than sorry!

Please note Home Owner Insurance Quotes? can vary from insurance to insurance, so it makes sense to check out different insurances. And check out the fine points because you do not want to be falsely reassured that you are covered and you are not!

The meaning of 100 calories

Apparently most of us consume about 50 calories too much each day which gets stored. This adds up over a year into extra fat weight. So, if you chose to cut out 100 calories that you would normally consume daily, you would not only not gain weight but lose those extra couple of pounds that refuse to shift. An alternative to cutting out that extra cheese from your burger, that? bite of chocolate? or from your daily food is to add a touch of exercise. You can use 100 calories by? walking a mile, or swim, cycle or dance for 20 minutes. Needless to say the latter is my favourite.


I have always had to wear specs since I was very little.? I have always hated them. For as long as I can remember I would find excuses to not wear them. They are too tight, too loose etc. It’s really not fun having to wear glasses as a kid. I finally started wearing them when I started driving as legally I needed to wear them to drive. Still hated them. Sadly, I grew a dependence on them as I obviously saw better with them. Anyway, I still don’t like wearing them but feel as blind as a bat without them.

I have been looking at the alternative – contact lenses UK. I found a place that does lenses. They sell all sorts and at discount prices. You need a prescription for them, but they seem like a great alternative to specs. They also sell? lens accessories but I am not sure what I need. I must pop down to my opticians to get myself a prescription so that I can try out those lenses. I hear it is really easy, but I still cannot help but feel in trepidation.? I am sure it will go well. Fingers crossed.

Free Storage Space & Backup

Free storage space. Yippee. You can get yourself? 2 GB of storage space for FREE.? IDrive-E Online Backup? is also available as part of their packages if you wanted more out of your package. You can get unlimited storage for under 5 dollars. The best bit is that you can sign up without a credit card.

The warning here…. is use this storage and BACK UP!

Enjoy the free advice 🙂 (before its too late!)

Sex Pest Ordered to wear Neon Vest

A sex pest has been ordered to wear a neon vest after dark. The question is how can the judge be sure that he is wearing it. If he is a sex offender, should he not have been given a prison sentence?

People who commit crimes repeatedly, should be marked for the rest of society. Once can be a mistake, but repeatedly, as in the case of this man, is deviant. A tattoo saying sex offended on his forehead would ensure that people are warned and he would be less likely to be able to re-offend.

Too harsh. Perhaps, but it would reduce crimes from being committed and it would also warn people off.


If it is games you are after then you must meet the sleek Jean Claude. He is the number 1 champion at backgammon. He even features in his own video. Just click here to watch his fantastic footage! In it he tells you how he made his rise to fame! He is a bit of a sleaze bag just like a used car sales man but with a French accent. You really need to watch the footage to know what I am trying to say!

Jean Claude was created to attract your attention to backgammon. Well not just your attention, but other people’s attention too. This is a great idea in my opinion as? backgammon? is a nice game that is sadly being forgotten and left for oldies like me. Tough competition with the rise of x Boxes, play-stations, PC’s and the like! But with the help of Jean Claude and modern technology, backgammon might make a great break through.

Jean Claude’s home at Backgammon Masters is the place where backgammon masters are born (or made!), so if you want to learn all about backgammon, go meet Jean Claude. Then have a go at playing.

Jean Claude has even had his own press release too… read all about it just below. is using a ground-breaking and original approach to promote and establish their skill game software in the online game market. Introducing the #1 Player at BackgammonMasters, Jean-Claude the animated tiger. BackgammonMasters creates a new dimension in online backgammon branding in their 5 part interactive animation series titled ‘Life According to Jean-Claude’. Jean Claude – Backgammon Masters Animated Tiger Movie BackgammonMasters brought this character to in a well-designed and cleverly scripted effort to illustrate to a wide audience the appeal of backgammon as a skill game truly loved and played by all people, from all walks of life from around the world. Jean Claude is BackgammonMasters’ pioneering mascot who is setting a new standard in online game entertainment. Viewers win prizes for trivia questions after viewing, and are offered rewards for suggestion any script ideas used. Clips can be easily forwarded to friends who will create the viral marketing buzz that only a character like Jean-Claude is capable of generating. “BackgammonMasters creates a new dimension in online backgammon branding in their 5 part interactive animation series titled ‘Life According to Jean-Claude’.” In the series we are exposed to a hilarious explanation and comparison by Jean-Claude of how to succeed at everything from playing backgammon to chopping onions, to fulfilling ones dreams and make important life choices. In the opening clip we, find Jean-Claude, a tiger, humoristic, mafia type, dressed in 70’s clothes (bell-bottoms and cream-colored shoes, a button-up shirt with a dice print and a large dollar sign chain around his neck) sitting in his trailer in the used junk car lot he manages. No, he doesn’t feel pathetic or sad amidst the junk, on the contrary. He is full of street smarts obtained during his many years in the University of Life. BackgammonMasters has maintained a high profile in the news lately not only because of Jean-Claude, they also recently launched a 3-in-1 game lobby offering games such as Backgammon, Poker and Perudo (Liar’s Dice), all in one download. To get a sneak peak at the animations go to: To download the BackgammonMasters 3-in-1 free software go to: Report by – online backgammon resource for news and information. To learn more about the backgammon game and online backgammon rules visit”

Kissing Festival

Did you know there is a kissing festival in Bali. What a great idea that is. It should make everyone smile and be happier for once. The event is held the day after Balinese Hindus celebrate Silence Day. It starts off with prayers in the local temple and followed by lots of kissing in public.

That’s what we all need, a reason to kiss everyone freely. 🙂

X X X X X X to all my readers X X X X X X

Religious Dating

As the world keeps changing, religion always seems to be a major issue. It is often very hard to maintain a relationship where 2 different religions are followed. Sometimes, it may even? cause clashes, where one religion is more dominant than the other. So, there are people that have anticipated this issue, and come up with selective dating sites. For example Christian Singles? can find Christian love.