The Law & the Lawless!

Why is it that far too often the law does not protect the innocent but protects the guilty!

You really need examples?

Well, the recent case of the paedophile who escaped prison as the prisons are too full.

I had an employee who was harassed by a 15 year old and when he refused to give in to her, she reported him to the police for sexually assaulting her. Needless to say, it was untrue but not until it went to court several months later and several arguments with his wife who began to have doubts!

I was physically assaulted by someone I caught stealing from my shop and the police refused to take action saying there was not enough evidence despite having shop CCTV evidence, witnesses and street CCTV!

An employee caught stealing but without evidence. I was advised to get evidence, which I did. And police refused to take action because she said she was going to pay for them. They would not let her leave the shop with them or it would be theft, but then the accepted that she was going to pay for them. As for the previous theft… apparently you cannot use one to prove the other! She got away with a laptop and £700+ which was charity money!

Ah well….c’est la vie I suppose! I guess sometimes it pays to be guilty!

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