BA competes with Ryan Air on Baggage Allowance!

I travel frequently need to take a domestic and european flight. I tend to travel with 2 bags within my weight allowance as it is easier for me to carry. So if I had two bags, does this mean that I would be charged (£60+£120) x return – a total of £360 for having an extra bag? It will simply be cheaper to fly an alternative airline.

BA try to justify this by saying that Ryan Air already charges for checked in Baggage. You cannot compare Ryan Air’s charges for baggages as it is just £3.50 a bag if you are within your weight allowance, and this is acceptable as flight costs are actually often negligible.

If BA thinks it is trying to compete with other airlines such as Ryan Air, it is going about it the wrong way. BA – you lower your prices and NOT increase them!

Good Bye British Airways – It was nice while you lasted!

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