There is a huge issue about obesity currently. With scary figures of how many of us are obese. Sad to say that I too fall into this category.

Most people fall into this category due to lack of exercise. As mammals we were made to roam the earth and? hunt. Yet with the progress of society and the increase in technology, we have become a lazy race (by race I mean race of animal). We eat food without any effort to hunt or even search for it. We are sometimes too lazy to even get up and go to the fridge. Our exercise comes in the form of monotonous machinery, which means we do not even try to do any except in January as a new year resolution. We eat more food than we require. And it all adds up!

The scariest bit is that children are falling into the category of obese. As I grew up I only knew 2 people who we could call fat. One today I realise was just big boned – really! The other had a medical condition which was the cause of her being fat. As kids we never realised this either. She was sadly the butt of our insults. We called her all sorts of names. Despite our being best friends, even I succumbed to calling her names. Today I am embarrassed about it and hopefully she forgives me. But the truth is in today’s world, she would not have been out of place at all. These children who are obese are causing themselves so much harm, that for the first time in decades we will have a drop in our life expectancy age.

There recently was a case of a teenager wearing size 18 clothes and weighing 14 stone. She was almost taken into care. I doubt that being taken into care would make a difference. But what would make a difference is :-

  1. stop her pocket money and make her do chores for it (housework is a good form of exercise)
  2. make her go out to play (again fun exercise)
  3. walk to school
  4. leave only healthy food in the house eg fruit and veg
  5. do things together like go for a picnic (combined with a walk) or even go swimming
  6. guide her with a plan of how to live healthy – a? family size bar of choc daily is a no-no… a block of chocolate is acceptable but sometimes it is easier to just not have any.

As for myself, as I know you are saying, how dare she talk when she is fat too! I used to dance for 4 hours a day till I started putting on weight. I could not understand it. Over the years I kept increasing in weight regardless of how much I dieted. Dieting seemed to do the opposite. I was fraught. I even spoke to a doctor who unkindly just told me to diet. Thankfully I moved and with the move changed doctors. This doctor was more considerate and diagnosed a problem or two. I had a thyroid deficiency and PCOS. With my doctors help and following a diet specific to my problems I have already lost a lot of weight. I still have more to go but I am doing something about it. And if I can do something about it – anyone can.

So if you have really followed a diet and not lost any weight – do speak to a doctor. Despite being Fat – I do not think it is acceptable to be fat unless you want to die young and be majorly unfit! Obesity is a problem. Fight it.

(PS On the other hand do not aim for a size 0 – you do not want to be Nothing! Nor do you want to be on the other scale and be skin and bones or even worse anorexic!)

Hot or Cold

Would you rather be Hot or Cold?

I personally prefer cold because you can keep adding clothes and exercise to warm up, as well as sit in front of a fire with a nice mug of hot chocolate and a cuddly hot water bottle.

As for hot, once you have stripped, you cannot take off any more clothes! And running ice down my hot back is NOT an option!

What would you rather be?

Valentine’s Day

Do you think that Valentine’s Day has become too commercialised? Most people would think that it has. However, as an ever romantic person, I say no. Admittedly shops exploit Valentine’s Day, but romance comes from within rather than from the shops!

A handmade card can mean so much more than a shop bought one. And if you wanted to stretch to a present, again, you do not need to head to the shops. Something home-made and romantic can far outweigh something bought. Good examples are a massage, a voucher book containing treats such as washing dishes, back rub etc, or even a home baked cake in the shape of a heart!

Speaking English is a requirement!

Finally they have seen the light. It has been announced that unemployed people seeking benefits must be able to speak English!

Personally, I believe that if you move to a country, you oblige yourself to learn the native language of the country. While in Rome, do as the Romans do!

It has suddenly dawned on the UK government to only give benefits to people who can speak English. Well done.

This will hopefully result in huge tax savings and erm perhaps tax reductions! Savings will not only be made by not paying huge amounts to people who refuse to learn English yet expect to live in England and claim English people’s money & currency, but also by not having to needlessly print the same documentation in 22 different languages such as Urdu, Chinese, Arabic* etc.

Now the only question that remains, is how to decide who can speak English and who cannot. Do see my lamentation on…. Why can’t the English!

*No offence is meant by the languages selected. They are just 3 languages that popped to my mind that leaflets are most probably printed in!

Anna Nicole Smith Found Dead

Anna Nicole Smith is found dead and is splashed all over the newspapers. Yes, I do suppose that celebrities sell newspapers but all she ever did was show off her boobs and marry a millionaire. I breastfeed and as a result showed off my boobs everywhere… though I did not marry a millionaire as a result! So, why is my news not splashed all over the newspapers? Oh! I forgot! I did not get paid to show my boobs…. anyone wants to pay Anna’s rates to me? I would gladly show them off and have them? photographed to get her kind of rich!? I have a nice natural pair in a DD cup size!!


BA competes with Ryan Air on Baggage Allowance!

I travel frequently need to take a domestic and european flight. I tend to travel with 2 bags within my weight allowance as it is easier for me to carry. So if I had two bags, does this mean that I would be charged (£60+£120) x return – a total of £360 for having an extra bag? It will simply be cheaper to fly an alternative airline.

BA try to justify this by saying that Ryan Air already charges for checked in Baggage. You cannot compare Ryan Air’s charges for baggages as it is just £3.50 a bag if you are within your weight allowance, and this is acceptable as flight costs are actually often negligible.

If BA thinks it is trying to compete with other airlines such as Ryan Air, it is going about it the wrong way. BA – you lower your prices and NOT increase them!

Good Bye British Airways – It was nice while you lasted!