Seat Belts & Car Booster Seats for Children

The new law is enforcing all children to use baby car seats or boosters seats. At first glance one may think what a great idea, but is it really?

First of all, in my opinion, I strongly feel that this law is removing my freedom to choose. Is that not a human right? That aside, as that alone is an argument in itself, here goes my argument:-

Personally, I agree with the use of seatbelts and restraints. However, I feel that choice should be given, especially as there is also research which indicates that in cases of emergency, people can get trapped by their seatbelts. I personally would not risk my child unnecessarily, thereby having a car seat for my baby. However, I have been in situations which have left me in quite a predicament. An example in point is one morning I walked to a mother and child group. When it was time to leave, the weather had taken a turn for the worse. It started raining heavily and snowing. The choice was… to walk or get a lift without a child seat. Which would you choose? Expose your child to the elements or risk getting a fine? Ok weather does not always change so suddenly, but I often find myself offering other mothers a lift, but they felt obligated to refuse because I do not have a spare car seat. If you see the size of car seats, you would understand why I do not carry a spare.

So far, I have only spoken about baby car seats. Let us talk children. Again, personally, my children will always be strapped in. It is a matter of choice. But a car seat or booster till the age of 12 or 135cm? So, if I happen to be tall, I can get away without a car booster seat? But if I am short, do I have to use a booster seat all my life? It is a good thing I am over the threshold (just!). It would be so embarrassing to use a booster seat at my age!

Yet again, it also means that no matter what, I cannot take other children in my car without planning unless a case of emergency! Talking of which, what constitutes a case of emergency? A sudden shower? Bleeding to death?

Why am I even bothering to argue. No-one is going to listen to me! After all, I am not a car seat manufacturer! And slowly slowly we are being robbed of our freedoms. If anyone is listening… leave a comment!