IVF additions to the Post Code Lottery

In the headlines today according to Skynews “Obese Women Should Not Get IVF”! I personally cannot help but get angry. With those new recommendations I would not be eligible for IVF. Hang on what am I going on about? I never was eligible thanks to the Post Code Lottery!

What makes me angry? Well I am an IVF receiver and am overweight bordering on obese. My weight gain is partially due to my Thyroid problem and my Polycystic Ovaries. To give you an idea, I started gaining weight at 18 when I used to dance a minimum of 2 hours daily and had a very active lifestyle. My PCO was diagnosed but my doctor did not think of mentioning the implications of them or even bother telling me (though they were in my notes). I could not understand why I kept gaining weight despite my dieting, dancing and active lifestyle. When I confronted my doctor, I was told to “go on a diet”! Needless to say I felt it was my fault I was growing fat. Anyway, my infertility boiled down to being FAT, having a thyroid disorder, having PCOS and as a result not ovulating. Thankfully when I went for IVF treatment I was treated a bit more dignified. I was given some medication and given some diet tips specific to PCOS suffers. With this help, I lowered my BMI to 30. This must have helped my conceiving as I managed to conceive and it was my 4th Cycle. My previous 3 cycles were at another hospital and I had not lost weight.

What I am saying is that it is not fair to disqualify women from IVF treatment because they are obese, especially as there may be a medical explanation causing the obesity. All other illnesses / diseases are treated, and obesity should be treated as such and helped. Disqualifying people from medical treatment because they are fat is not only not acceptable but a form of discrimination.

I feel even more strongly about this because in the same breath, they go on to say that they will offer IVF to single women and lesbians. Excuse me, but if you do not have sex with MEN you will not conceive. This is NOT a medical condition but a lifestyle choice. You make your bed, you lie in it. After all, one of the requirements before I could be refered to for Infertility treatment was that we had been trying to conceive for a year. Should this not be sauce for the goose as for the ganders? If a women is single (not cohabiting) or sleeping with other women, can they fulfill this requirement?

And to top it off… you cannot have treatment if you are FAT but you can if you chose to kill yourself and any future offspring slowly by smoking. I thought the point of IVF was to create life not destroy it.

Who on earth comes up with this criteria?

Important Personal Note :- Despite my needing IVF based on medical conditions, I was not entitled to any help for NHS treatment. I had to pay for everything privately at an NHS hospital. With 4 treatments, it was pretty painful financially but we never qualified for NHS treatments. What makes me wonder is why we pay NI contributions? It feels to me that the NHS are trying to come up with more excuses to not fund medical treatment.

Bordering / Boardering on the ridiculous

As you must have heard, there has recently been yet again another security alert. This will keep happening if countries keep accepting “asylum seekers” who have no respect for their own country let alone a foster country.

Anyway, that’s another story, for another time. What I want to highlight today is how ridiculous the whole situation is. Can you imagine going to board a bus, and they tell you I am sorry, you are not allowed any hand luggage, please store everything in the luggage compartment. If you really must have a hand luggage, it has to be a see-through plastic bag. You can only have these things in the plastic bag – keys but not your car key, cash, id, medications but not liquid ones, and some baby items. Please do not forget to pass through the metal detector. Nothing in your pockets please.

Ok, I can hear you say.. but this is not like catching a bus. Isn’t it? I thought the whole point of the EU was to be part of ONE big country (like the US – ironic huh?). If this is the case, then it is like being in the same country and travelling between one area and the next, isn’t that like catching a bus?

So, the questions I have for you now are…

What’s in your pockets today? I just emptied mine, I have coins, cards, paper, keys (including car keys & fob), a mobile (with photo facilities), a hairband, and an MP3 player. This is on my average day. Yet to get a plane, I am not allowed anything in my pockets!

As you know from my previous lamentations, I have a baby. Have you ever travelled with a baby? Well, if you ever have you will know, you need a barrage of items including nappies, wipes, baby cream, bibs, spoons, baby food, milk, biscuits, muslin, spare clothes in case of an accident, a blanket, a couple of toys, a change mat, water and more. Just imagine holding that in a plastic bag. And we haven’t even gone near what you require for travel such as documentation, money, tickets etc.

What do you do with your car key? Throw it in your luggage? Throw it away? Hmm, how do I get back home?

What about cameras and other expensive electrical equipment? Are the airlines going to take responsibilty for things that get lost? I think not. Your insurance? I think not. Hmm.

Travelling with children? Imagine not having anything to keep them amused for the flight. Arghh!

Female? That time of month? Suddenly you are not entitled to any privacy. Please show what you use to all. Oh and don’t forget to highlight what time of month it it! Wasn’t there such a thing as a right to privacy?

Ever taken medicine? How often is it liquid? You can take medicine, but not liquid? Hello? Anyone there? Medicine is taken for a reason and not for fun. Honestly.

Water? Have you seen the cost of water on flights? Put aside the cost of water? Have you ever tried to get more than a glass of water? I drink around 2 litres of water on a flight averaging 3 hours. Are the airlines happy to sell (give) me water in that quantity? and at a reasonable (high street) price? Thought not.

What about shoes? How do you feel about taking off your shoes? Well, excuse me, please place your shoes on the x-ray machine and prance around barefooted please. Alternatively, stick your shoes in the hold. Or even better, save on your luggage allowance and don’t
take shoes on your holiday!

What do you do with your normal hand luggage? Is your hand luggage added to your normal
luggage allowance? Hmm?

As for being made to taste baby milk / food? I have no problem tasting my baby’s food as its all home-made, but it’s a good thing I breastfeed as I am lactose intolerant. Can you imagine what would happen in my case.

“Please try the milk”

“But I am lactose intolerant”

“Please taste”


Blergh… splat! (Then instantly sounds of handcuffing?)

Not funny is it? Honestly. We are being ridiculous. We are letting terrorism ruin our lives and destroy our freedoms. Please let us return to normal social norms and let us travel without hassle! Trust me, if I were a terrorist and I wanted to do something, there are loads of ways of getting things done without being a passenger. I would have to be silly to go through as a passenger if I wanted to do something. Can we stop this ridiculousness?

For more information about official travel restrictions just click here.

Another Sexist Difference

The reason that I had this site set up was that I want to speak freely. However time is obviously of the essence. Now when a child is born, time becomes very precious indeed, and sleep almost as rare. So when I have a few minutes sleep seems to take precedance. Now if my sweetheart hubby realises this, he may perhaps hold back the comments of my not dedicating time to this site and lend a helping hand. (Mind you to give the devil his due – he really helps out with our little one, nappies and all).

But still, its my site and yet he laments in it. Grrr.