Web Hosting company goes tits-up

That’s just bleeding grand!! I got up this morning; all my websites are down and I find this message on my hosting provider’s website:

We’re so regret to inform you that Lnc-Hosting is out of business. Web-based, pop3, incoming/outgoing email and ftp are still working normally. However, if you need your websites up, you need to re-add them via Hosting Control panel at

Imail web-based: user name: youremail@yourdomain.com, password:


Before re-adding your websites in HC, you need to delete it first by clicking on Properties then click Delete from database but make sure to DOWNLOAD your DATA first.

Please note that the server will be disconnected by the end of this month (2/28/2006)

I’m sure “they’re so regret”, as they say above; but it’s a major pain in the neck to find another hosting provider, transfer all my websites to them and rebuild the whole thing from the gound up! Just the sort of thing I wanted to be doing over the next week .. NOT! Thanks very much mate, just because you can’t be arsed coping with some work, you decide to shut down your business .. probably lie low for a few months and then start up the same thing again! I’ll be looking for a more reputable hosting company next time!

More DVLA crap

So I called the DVLA about the fine they sent me; calmly explained the problem over the phone and the young lady told me that she had the details about the road tax refund; there was a note on my file.

If this was the case, why the hell did they issue a Penalty???? I was then informed that she couldn’t help me over the phone, any dealings with the department had to be in writing. What sort of crap was this? In today’s day and ago, refusing to interact over any other channel but writing is just plain stupid. I wonder who’s responsible for the crummy processes they have there. Maybe they should wake up, get out of their nightgown and join the rest of us in the correct century.