DVLA .. what are you smoking?

So, a couple of months ago, I had the misfortune of having my car stolen. Well, tough shit, I said, what can you? So I sorted out the insurance (that’s another lament coming your way), and phoned the DVLA to get a refund on my car tax. Anyway, then sent me a form to fill in, which I duly did; sent it back and within a few days, got my refund in the post. Sorted, I said. Till last week anyway.

I got a letter in the post from the DVLA. What was this I wondered? When I opened it up, I found that they had sent me a fine! Apparently, they had noticed that my car didn’t have any tax paid on it, starting from the date they had sent me a refund from. Was this insane? First they send me a refund; then they send me a fine! What sort of crap was this?

I’ll be on the phone about this giving them some grief in the next few days. Maybe that will give me something else to carp about!


Is this site being used?

So, I set up this website for the wife to put her lamentations on and does she use it? NO, of course not.

So, I’ll jump on the bandwagon and add some lamentations of some own to get the ball rolling. Why moan about something when you can do something about it, I say. Hope to keep you entertained.