The Opera Man

There is a man in Staines who is known as the Opera Guy. Essentially, whenever you pass him by, you can recognise him, as he is singing out loudly. I have had the pleasure of hearing him, he sings well and inevitably, he always puts a smile on my face. I used to think he just enjoyed life, and thought how few people would actually just sing out aloud. Admittedly, this is probably a good thing as I personally do not think I could take everyone singing RnB, Soul, Garage, Rock and all other modern music. It would indubitably drive me insane.

Naturally people talk. They will talk about anything and anyone. So it was only a matter of time before someone gossipingly told me that the opera guy suffers from a form of Tourette’s Syndrome but that rather than swearing or shouting out suddenly, the opera guy sings. Considering youths today, I definitely prefer Mr Opera Guy to anything youths may shout out at all!

Anyway, as usual I deviate. What is the whole point of this article? Well, today I went for a short walk to the post office. As usual I was all in a hurry to get there, send my packages and get back to my life. In case you are wondering, I actually do have a life. Except on this unusual occasion, I had the pleasure of not needing to hurry back. So I walked leisurely. I even started humming as I walked along the green. Suddenly it dawned on me, oh no, I am singing aloud! This in turn reminded me of The Opera Guy. The question which then popped into my head was – Is this normal?

Humming along made me feel good. I was all in the mood of appreciating life, and even feeling good about myself. The only drawback was if people saw or heard me sing / hum, they would think I was insane. Then I thought, who cares. Singing was making me happy, I was not hurting anyone, and life felt good. So I carried on. After all, if we cannot enjoy life today, will we ever.

You know, you just may want to try it, go for a walk and sing to your heart’s content. I am sure that like me, you will feel absolutely wonderful. Life is all about experiences and if you cannot enjoy the experience of singing, well, what can you enjoy?